Sunday, January 30, 2011

as mentioned previously, msia plans were cancelled last min...
i didnt go zirca last night despite persuasion from cekai and jinmin...
i dont have piano today..
my family is out... 
i can make a home alone movie! (hawhaw, just kidding!)

im soooo boredddd on a sunday. haha! but its okay, i have the rainy weather for company. even so, i cant fall asleep, unlike some people......... hohoho. so i did nth much today. practiced my piano exam pieces, filter through my sportsclub main com shoot & uploaded some on fb, tidied up my music library and itunes. yea thats all. quite a boring sunday uh?

ohyes, if anyone of you guys see the new F&N advertisement, with me inside, DO TELL ME! so i can immediately switch on my tv and see it. why has everyone seen it but not me??! im soooo sadddddd. nvm, im determined to watch it before 1 month is over (its going to be aired until 16feb)

on a lighter note, i cant wait for chinese new year to come! that's when everyone gets to dress up pretty & handsomely! and not forgetting the angbaos, goodies, gambling! (: (: (: 
besides christmas, chinese new year is my next favourite day (:
i dont really fancy valentine's day. cus poor me never get to spend my vday with my bfs. its either we dont make it tgt past vday, or im single and i dont go out with the guy(s) who ask me out, cus they dont mean anything to me/not special to me. 
ohwells, its okay! vday can be spent alone! hahahaha.

i shall go watch drama now, and cry my heart and soul out again, with puffy eyes as a result. haaaahaaaa! 
byeeeeeee alllllll !