Monday, January 31, 2011

awesome family!

As i read back my archives, i realize im really quite a fortunate kid.
Whatever i want, im sure my dad would get it for me. Like in 2007, when the iTouch just came out, i kept saying i wanted one and my dad bought it for me without second thoughts during one of our family day out. Then came the DSLR last year, when i constantly said i wanted one. Dad brought me to buy it soon after. I just know that im not lacking anything.
Now, im going to go overseas to study and my dad encouraged me to go, saying he will take care of the money matters. And the condition is that i have to study hard, get good grades, dont keep playing around, get a good career, earn big bucks, settle down and take care of my parents when they're old.
I will! Its time i give my future some thoughts...

Im really glad to have such doting parents, who will shower me gifts, put up with my tantrums, take my crap and unreasonable shouting, take care of me when im ill but still nag at me, support me silently etc etc.
im really fortunate to have tthem, though i complain all the time that they're naggy, but i know they careeeeeee.
I love you guys (: