Sunday, February 06, 2011

happy chinese new year

It was a good Cny spent. Though the traditions are the same every year, Im glad to spend them with my loved ones. Caught up with my cousins, relatives & grannies. I only have grannies, my grandpas left alr. So I'm grateful for Chinese new year, for giving me this time to interact & spend time with them, and make them smile with joy of seeing a family getting together. :) Shall update more w photos on my cny! But for now, it's study time!!! 7th feb ccom interview w portfolio &all 8th feb club & resort test 11th feb Service Quality Management test 15th feb Management System Assessment test Dooooooooomsdayyyyy! Haven't even started on a single of my 12 chapters for Club&Resort. Not to mention digging out my temasek portfolio w all my certs inside -.- Till then! Hope you guys had a wonderful Chinese new year! :D