Friday, February 18, 2011

HI GUYS! sorry for being mia. had lots of stuff going on.  
so over the weekend, i did lotssss of things! hahaa

 i forgot that i was working on friday for this Tiger Lunar Extravaganza.. too bad i alr promised desmond to work, so i gotta work mannnnzzzzzz. so basically our job was to pour beer for the guests.. boring laaaa. but gotta stand on heels, with my injured knee. and i was gg for my Singapore Biathlon race the next day.. bo bian la, alr promised. but we got to eat nice buffet food (think its by Stamford) and see lots of celebs! hahaha!
anw the job ended on time, so faster chiong home, packed my race bag and msia bag, and went to sleep at 2plus.
here's some photos, not much cus we weren't allowed to bring camera/hp while working
 my lovely girls + a whole lot more (:

Reiko & Ivy! my lovely singtel grid girls 2010! :D

Saturday & Sunday
i had my first external race at ecp;  Singapore Biathlon! junxiang & pohshen came by my place and tong pang my dad's car to ecp in the morning. met the rest there, registered, got our body markings, set up our transition area and deposited our bags. then we went on to warm up at this small area that they mark out in the sea. BOY WAS THE WATER SALTY SHITZZZZZZ.

warmups in this sectioned off area of the sea...
soon, it was our time to start. the minister came to flag us off, and pooooof the race begun.

i was initially quite infront, BUT, i give way to the other ppl who were fighting to kick my face all. -.- our wave was inclusive of the SAF Commandos as well, so u can imagine how hard they kicked me, punched me etc. i didn't want to fight with them for a narrow spot in between so many ppl, so i jus gave way. besides i couldn't see anything in the water once my head plunges down. the only nearest thing i can see is, the foot of the person infront of me. so naturally i slowed down and let others go. i dont want to be kicked in the face. HAHAHA!

 came out of water, poured down 2 scoops of water to get rid of the dirty salt water on me and ran to transition area.

 transition in progresssssss.. my transition damn sloowwww! i took like 2min plus to transit. -.-
wear knee guard, race belt, shoe, hairband, shades and off i ran on the track!

 andddddd finalllyyyy, spot me running towards the finish. I rmb at the last 1km mark, this guy (the one in black) ran beside me. i saw his tag, same race category. he looked at mine, same race category too, and we sort of paced each other until the finishing line. haha machiam become friends halfway, just that we are non-speakable friends. HAHA! damn weird. but okay la, got ppl to pace with.

 After race photossssss.

TP team triathlon! (:

dearest little sarah! (:

Mr Darren! fellow coursemate+cca teammate! (:

Sky Kwah, the officer! hahaa! knew him through the commissioning ball which i attended last year.

TP Triathlon+Alumni+Advisor(Kennieth)

left after that photo was taken, cus was rushing to meet my bff clique! along the way, spotted joey and we took photossss with the help of my mom as the photographer! hahahaa!

Dearest little sarah won podium position; 3rd place in Women's youth! CONGRATS SARAHHHHH! :D
and the angmoh girl beside her, she's only THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!!!!! and she got 2nd. holyyyyycraaaappp!

 After the race, i went to bathe & wash up, then parents fetched me to cityhall to meet clique! we were supposed to go MBS for our belated bday celebration (for myself & paddy) lunch, but they changed the plans last min, and we had our lunch at NewYorkNewYork. we shall hav our MBS lunch buffet on dork's bday, which is approaching in 2mths plus! hahaha.. sooooo here's some retarded photos of us. oh, our clique is missing of Ms Lynette low mui see. think she's too busy to come, she has classes (yes, gosh on a weekend!) and too many clothes to bring ard (she lives in NTU hostel & is heading home for th weekend), so yea she didn't make it. nevertheless, Ms Yolanda Ho could make it! which is like sucha miracle! cus she's only back in SG for hols, and she's flying back to NewZealand this friday. so pretty hard to meet her.

shagggggged face, right after race...
cotttttoncandy! :D

 well, to 4 girls, quite massive laaaa!
nachos with cheese
 hamburger steak
 mozeralla mushroom chicken
 spicy fish & chips
 MUD PIE! FAV x 100000
 banana waffffles!

 andddddd paddy & i got our belated bday card. SUPER RETARDED i swear. but its filled with loveeeee :D

the following photos are massive camwhore. BE PREPARED. 

Aft almost everyone left, i headed over to msia! HAHA! yessss, msia. supposedly to go over to play paintball, butttttt, i had the singapore biathlon race in the morning, and jianhuang had his dragonboat trng in the morning as well. and paintball can only be played in the morning. soooo no more paintball in msia :(
went over in the late afternoon, met alvin & th rest at citysquare, and drove up to alvin's house. it was alvin's bday that day! so yupppppp, went over to celebrate his bday lorrrrr.  we stayed up like throughout the entire night. -.-
first thing we did when we reached alvin's house; sit down at sofa and watched Ai. lol! then we played black jack, and alvin's brother, alex, was superrrr entertaining! couldn't stop cracking up. hahahaha! then we played mahjong.. okay technically, i learnt how to play mj from jianhuang, and i tried my hands at it. seems like i hav pretty good beginners luck at mj! teeeheee! thennnnn, umm luo hei and cut cake? HAHHA! and damn cool, msia has this like fireworks thing that u can put it off at yr own backyard. so it was my first time watching a firework 'show' right infront of my eyes, and u can even feel the little sparkles that drop down, and burns your hand. hahaha!

aft that, we continued with mj indoors. play until our eyes almost went sore! hahaha. then, there was kbox-ing, and poool time! i swear i suck at pool. hahaha but sometimes my tyco still not that bad. HAHHA! and then there was some drinking, but not alot as well. the poor guys got themselves damn bloated. haha! and i got to laugh at jiunjye cus he was so sehhhhh. reminds me of THAT memorable time in msia.... hahahaaaaa! at 430am, some hungry idiot pig suggested going to kulai for nasi lemak, and we drove up for the food, but too bad it was closed alr. went to the nearby prata shop instead. wth la 5am plus, a whole group of 12 ppl eating prata.... damn fattening! okay, returned back to alvin's place at 6am and everyone collapsed into deep coma. 
slept like a deadddddd log until like 12 noon. was supposed to wake up earlier, but apparently i couldn't be woken up. haha so everything was pushed back. finally woke up at 12plus, bathed and all, went to somewhere near KSL for claypot lunch with alvin, jianhuang, wangjieh, zixuan & weiting. i swear zx eats ALOT. she can reallllly eat! hahaa. alvin dropped us off at citysquare, zx & weiting bought some stuff and we headed back to SG tgt...

 Birthday boy in whiteeeee!

and this is jianhuang.

after returning back to SG, stayed at woodlands for abt an hour to kill time (and spiders! HAHAHA), then left to go yishun. went to granny's place for reunion dinner. actually supposed to go send wangjieh off to Melbourne that evening aft my reunion dinner, but didn't send him off in the end.... sent him my wishes through jh instead. hahaha!

back to schooooool! and u can see lots of ppl carrying flowers ard. HAHA! i came sch for one stupid ccom test and we can all go home.....met mich after both of us ended our tests. went business schoool and we caught up with each other.  its been a longgggg time since i had a proper talk with her. it was a good one (: went to take bus homeeeeee! otw home, my plans were changed impromptu and i travelled to woodlands for dinner with the pig. had nice steak at woodgrove and a nice interesting drink with a mixture of white wine, BOLS, brandy, etc. haha!

it was my last day of schooool! and boy was i sad! we had our last class & test of the year; Service Quality Management. tcher reviewed our proj marks and remarks. he said to our grp that we delighted him, exceeded his expectations. he didn't expect us to do such a good report, considering our behaviour and attendance in class. HAHAHAA!  
eh tcher, we may be boisterous, but when we do work, its top grade hor!
e.g. player blackjack/poker in class as always....
stayed back awhile after class to take some photosssss between pearlan and my clique, then had sugar loaf with pauline, took photos with jianhuang, and we left to go shopping at town! haaahaa!

our lovely tutor who always tries to mark us present even though we're late....

left: my 'lovely' clique for 3yrs in class. *johnson not in the picture*
right: the closest of 2 cliques in the class. the all girls clique, and all boys+me clique!

Left: Jui hsin! the troublemaker!
Right: Jonathan Toh! my badeehhh in club&class! :D

Left: Weijie! clubberrrrr siolllllll
Right: the girls! :D

love this photo with P.D. and jon's hand with his cards... tskkkk!

 Sugarloaf! pauline keep wanting to go sugarloaf ever since she got back from the Shanghai World Expo, cus she made lots of friends (the culinary students, and the servers) and their semester was at sugarloaf. haha!

year 1 fellow phantos; Simone babe! and hannnseuuummmm megan!

andddd, jianhuang!
pauline and i headed to town and we bought lotsa stufffff! caught a movie as well, took a couple seat! hahaha stupid ding's first time sitting in a couple seat. i told her to take that, cus its damn comfy! hahaha! always sit couple seat with my gfs :D caught The Rebound. its a nice movie man! 
after 5 years of being apart, and living their own lives, 2 old flames can still get together after coincidentally bumping into each other at a restaurant.  
naiiiiseeeee! (:

 heeeeels buying time! at first pauline said the brown coloured heels were nice, but after walking ard, it hurts, so our eyes caught the blue one! and i got the blue heels in the end. teeeheee!

shall stop my updates here.... will continue another dayyyyy (:
stay tuned! goodnight everyone!
ohyes, currently, i've already started work at USS as a performer escort. come say hi to me if u see me in USS (:
fyi, im also still working at wavehouse! so 2 jobs on the tiny island of sentosa for me. haha!