Saturday, February 19, 2011

continuing from the previous entry......

it was my first day at USS. i just gotten the job as a performer escort! its like u know in USS, there's diff kinds of mascots walking around, e.g. woody woodpecker, charlie chaplin, kungfu panda etc etc. and u see 1 or 2 people in black polo and khaki berms following them behind/beside? yup, thats a Performer Escort! which is my job! not those social escorts or what hor! 
so on wed, it was my training day. i arrived at 9am, met my batch of trainee escorts and we went into this room and sat there for 2hrs, learning the codes in USS and how to use a walkie. -.- my butt nearly rotted. after lunch, we were given 2hrs to explore ard USS and to play the rides. all of us chiong to the Battlestar Galactica ride! we took the human one, then the cylone. hahaha cylone is the one that spins & turns upside down. and i was fortunate to be able to sit in the front seat and see the beautiful scenery UPSIDEDOWN. hahaha! damn awesome to sit in the front! at this point of time u come to this wall thing, and u feel like u're gna rammmmmm into it. damn scary. 

then we went to take the mummy ride!
oh and that's a mascot!

 left: cheryl and sandra! cheryl's from hwachong and sandra's from anderson jc. ALL SO SMART! 
right: retarded gen, and that's her internship job. HAHAH! she detests to take photo in her uniform

oh and we managed to catch the madagascar show! i swear the penguins damn cuteeeeee! butttt then right, as an escort, we have to differentiate the penguin and know who is who. the problem is..... they look identical. -.- well, there is a SLIGHT difference. private is the shortest & fattest, skipper is the next shortest, rico is the 2nd tallest, and kowalski is the tallest. 
RIGHTTTTTT, can u tell the diff in them? IF they are apart from each other? nahhhh i doubt i'll be able to do so.. hahaha

after exploring around, we went to take our uniform measurements, and it took sooooo long, that i couldnt' make it to my mom's bday dinner at changi airport :( we were released at like 8pm? went home instead, then at least made it to cake cutting session with family.
Happy 50th Birthday mummy! (:

went for USS training again. we have 4 days of training in total, before we can officially start without a mentor. so righttttt, idk why but i kept going out on sets, whereas the rest went out like once or twice and no more. i was asked to follow raen, then awreen, den raen again. from 2pm onwards, i went out on sets until 5pm. but okay la, go out experience how is it like lor. shall not complain too much. but i got to know more abt the people. hahaha daddy o's damn cute, butttt they are ...... tskk! hahaha!
after USS, i went to tampines area, met pauline and had a long swim at the pool. swam 50+ laps, kept forcing myself to go on more even though i wanted to stop. 
i had lots of thoughts going through my head..

going to turn in early now. have an interview to go for tml. and a busy week ahead. keep myself occupied from those teary thoughts. 
goodnight everyone.

situations may change,
people may change,
but 1 year ago, the same still applies now.
i wasted 1 year of my life, foresting.

whatever i said, i meant it
this is what i want.
on my own accord.