Sunday, February 20, 2011

my eyes are sore from all the words appearing infront of my eyes. why so? cus tday is the chiong uni application day. hahaha i just finished submitting all my uni applications. NUS, NTU, SIT. each othe uni(s) required me to write a compo and provide the relevant documents as required. write and think of the compos till i have major headache now. & the thing is application closes on Monday! which leaves me with only tml to mail out all my documents. hopefully it reaches the school. but in any way, i wont get in the uni.. HAHA! 

Im sure u guys heard of SIT right? Singapore Institute of Technology. anw, its this new university under MOE gov uni which has ard 6 overseas uni under its umbrella. turns out that UNLV is one of the uni(s)! UNLV is University of Nevada Las Vegas, and it is like one of the top few unis for tourism/hotel management etc. UNLV is based in the states, but now it has opened up a singapore campus under SIT. and guess where the campus is? RIGHT BESIDE BIZPARK. yessss, inside good ol TP. hawwhaww. so right, i've applied to go UNLV, cus of my parent's wish, they want me to get into local uni. and ifffff i cannot make it inside, i will be going aussie for sure. HAHA! wah but the course fees are horrendously madddddnesss!
SIT- 2yrs, Bachelor of Science in Hotel Management- $11k
Aussie- 2.5yrs, Bachelor of Business (International Hotel & Resort Management) - $100k

so those who dont want me to leave SG, pray hard that i'll get in SIT. 
those who cant wait to see me leave SG, pray hard that i wont get in SIT. hahaha!

enough of words today. i've typed enough compos. my eyes are dying, i need to sleep nowwwww. tml's gna be a longgggg day!  
gonna visit the Swiss Education Fair at Mandarin Orchard at 10am, then rush over to Sentosa for 100plus event for SMU beach event at 1145am, then to cindy's place to pass her some stuff at 7pm. 
busy busy busy! 

do you even think of me?

goodnight everyone (: