Sunday, March 27, 2011

 Hiiiii everyone! its been a super super busy week for me!

Sunday (20/3)
mr joey lim pleaded me to go down to the MR 500 race with him on this day cus he's feeling all so lonely by himself while the tpdb team is racing. ahhaha! so being a nice person, and i have nth on that day, i went down to MR 500 after my piano class. so i spent a good day with the tpdb guys, taking photos for them, making new friends and cheering for them for their race. HAHAH! it was a good day spent (: 
here's some photos....
zhiying looks so funny here! 

 TPDB (:

aft the race, i headed down to pasir ris with yanling for ryan's 21st bday celebration. spent a short while there, then zoom zoom zoom to changi airport at 10pm to send angie off. she's going china for 6mths for her culiniary overseas internship. awww poor angie! sportsclub maincoms will miss youuuuu! 

Monday (21/3)
had Aquathlon friendlys against ITE.. small race, we got to know where we stand and how we fare.. photos are on fb! im too lazy to upload them.. heh! 

Tuesday (22/3)
 worked whole day at USS. with cindy! hahaha her 2nd day as intern and we got to work at mada tgt. haha i love the penguins no matter how many times i see them a day. hahaha 
i cant wait to go USS one day! see when that pig doesn't have trainings in the morning... 

Wednesday (23/3)
met pauline in the afternoon at tampines for a short meetup.. and her hunt for beauty products. zomggggg, i can literally kill her. ahhaha! but its okay, had a good catch up time. heh heh heh! then headed over to school for training at 530. training ended early cus we had our triathlon "mini" agm afterwards. photos are once again on fb! HAHAHA! 

Thursday (24/3)
 met pris in the morning, 9am, in school to gym! can u believe it?! i actually pulled myself out of bed to come sch for gym session! wooohoooo. im awesome im awesome! hahaa no lah, actually i had a morning call scheduled, and that woke me up and pulled me to sch for gym.  HOHOHO. 
anw pris is damn  gross i swearrrrrrrr! okay but we had a good 2hrs of gym session. i swear all my muscles were aching terribly aft the workout. 

left school at ard 12plus, trained down to town to meet my BELOVED GIRLS for meetup and movieee! we caught Sucker Punch. but we were late andd missed the front part. maybe thats why we couldnt make heads or tails out of the movie. its super confusing and i think its a damn retarded show. well unless u're there to see the hot girls glad in barely-there-suits, then dont waste yr money to watch it.
photosssss! meet my lovely bitches :D

after meeting the girls, i travelled back to sch for my triathlon training. see im such a nice person, travel back and forth just to make some spare time to meet my girls. haahha! training was alright, but i was aching all over. hahahaa!

Friday (25/3) 
and this special day, its TP's Dinner & Dance 2011! theme was De Estrella, it means the night of stars, so all of us gotta dress up as a star. hahaa i was abit lazy ahhh, so i just got myself a random dress and i went to D&D with the company of my fellow sportsclub maincom& subcoms (:

photos of lovely people whom i took photos with (:
saph, paulcheong, weikiat, chelsie, vanessa, leekiang, wilson, zixuan

At our dinner table. wilson & anthony.

sportsclub table + 2 badminton guys. haha!

dance performance by shawn, hadi, brandon & etc



first dish!

hafiz, ash and kenneth went on stage to play some dancing game...

second dish!

ben hiew dressed up as teddy bear! HAHA WTF DAMN HILARIOUS!

mascots doing their runway walk....

toast to TP's 21st bday!


remaining few photos..
headed over to zouk with the sportsclub ppl and jessica. took damn freaking long to get in cus of chris ng hoe kin! hahaha but okay la, went in, got drinks and went dancefloor. FREAKING PACKED! and this group of guys fought behind me, one guy's punch missed the other guy and it hit my arm instead. -.- knn. lucky bouncer came in. haha. blaaahh blaaaahh, left quite early cus my leg damn pain and i needed my rest.. got home, bathed, slept. 
Saturday (26/3)
and today i was supposed to wake up at 730am, but i overslept, woke up at 8 instead. chiong down my breakfast and my parents fetched me down to NUS for my biathlon race. met the rest of the team there, then realized that my wave is the last wave and there's nth for me to worry about. hahahhaa! went to deposit my bag first, then came out to watch the other waves and take photossss! 
thanks daddy, mummy, brother for coming down to my race today to support me and take photos for me! :D love y'all!

the boys.
the awesome girls 
this woman in this picture is particularly hilarious. we spotted her from afar and couldn't help but notice her actions. she comes out of the water, takes a towel to dry herself, slowly put on her top, wears her pants, zips her pants up, buckle it, wear socks, wear shoes, wear some pink cover and a visor at last. HELLO, this is race leh, not beauty contest. hahahahaha freaking funny. she wasted alot of time doing all these. usually ppl just grab shoes shades and go. she still can sit down dilly dally. hahaa! we were waiting for her to apply sun block. LOL!

pris & i!

guys setting up their transition area...

and the girls just bay-watching. HAHAHA!

finalllly, it was our turn to warm up, set up transition area and get ready for the race.

setting up of transition area

HAHA LOL AT MY MUM. she was cheering so loud for me. 

and its timeeeeeee

3,2,1, START!!!!

was the 3rd to come out of the pool...
and my kneeguard took freaking long to get in....
still transiting.....

i overtook pan during the run, but another girl overtook me as well, so ended up, i was still in 3rd position. hahaha. damn. shouldn't have slowed down at the hill...

group photo time!!

 TP TRI!!!

Prize presentation ceremony!

3rd- myself, 2nd-NTU sarah, 1st- TP sarah!

it was a good race! an unexpected win for me. i seriously didn't expect to win, considering i slept so late the previous night, went club, drank and all. hahaha quite miracle for me to win. but im super duper happy for my achievement tday. i even broke my own Personal Best record!
the only bad part about this race is the organization damn screw up. they gave me an M size shirt instead of the XS that i ordered. idiotttttt, they allowed ppl to exchange shirts and all, then end up we dont have our small sized shirts. angry ttm!

so after race, parents drove me down to velocity, and i met jianhuang there. we went to collect our 2xu race pack, and i saw jayve there as well! hahahaha! the queue was MADNESSSS!!! damn freaking longgggg! lucky he was there early, so i queued with him for like another 20min and it was our turn alr. hahaha and yes, he's my running companion for 2xu run. hahaha. i gave him my NUS Biathlon finisher tee cus its too big for me, but fits him just nice. hahaha. headed down to Cathay for Lincoln Lawyer movieeeeee! and popeyes afterwards. and home sweet home for me! ahhhhhh finally back home, and i started with the massive photo uploading and tagging. tireddddd ttm! 

NOW, im going to sleeeeep! and there's USS work tml at 830 T_T
alrightyyy! it was a goooood day tday,. shall turn in now! nights everyone (: