Saturday, March 19, 2011


work at wavehouse was quite alright today! there was some gameshow going on when i waas teaching at flowrider. and i think i was caught on camera. i think its a malay channel gameshow. the contestants had to do body board, go up and down the ride and touch the board infront. so yeah, while they were filming at 1 lane, i was busy teaching the ppl at the lane beside them. HAHA!so if u see me appearing on some gameshow on malay channel, dont be surprised!

ended work at 3, so decided to ride for 2hrs. but unfortunately, 3-4pm slot was fully booked. so i did 4-5pm at rider, and 5-6pm at barrel. hahaha. vern came down to ride as well, from 3-5pm, so we rode tgt during 4-5pm. i went on the barrel, and i realllllly regrettted it. hahaha! i dislike barrel cus it gives me lots of injuries. i always get flushed out, right up to the end, and i'll hit my head, scrap the floor, then come to a stop. whereas other ppl just stop somewhere at the semi slope, and not end up right at the end. tskkkkk! 
im having a baluku and bruised&red knees and elbows.

look at this! this was taken right after i came out of the ride.... see the slightly discoloured skin area around my elbow...

then when i came home, this is what it has became...

im sure it'll be even worse tml... maybe more colours will pop up tml... :(
ohwells, time for bed. gonna work at USS tml. madagascar show. damn back to back sets, longggg day ahead!

All the best to those who are racing tml and sunday! (: 
Do yr best, make your team proud!