Thursday, March 17, 2011

awesuuummmzzzz day!

How was your day today? i had a good day in fact.
headed down to bedok reservoir for my wakeboarding session with denise & sharlene. wei teck was late to pick us up at the dock so i played around with denise's mini maltese. she's damn cute! her name is creme and she's 2yrs old. and yes, still this size, not gna grow anymore. superrrrr adorable!

then wei teck came and we all went on the boat. while denise was riding, wei teck looked at the bag and went whats inside.. cus sharlene and i kept peering in. we told him its a dog, and he didn't believe us. until i took creme out of the bag. hahaha. then creme was the centre of attraction. boy did she enjoyed the wind in her face on the speedboat! hahaha

so back to wakeboarding, i managed to do a two wake jump! *claps* i couldnt manage a one wake jump/rideover last wed. seems like i made some improvement this week! hohoho. so happpyyyyy. gonna perfect my jump the next session, and have more air time. hahaha wei teck says i keep absorbing the jump, like dont dare to lift off.. welllll, i tried this trick during that session, and i kept falling down. okay its normal to fall, but is damn painful. like once i face plant so badly, i couldnt open my eyes.. it was too painful for my facial muslces to move. HAHA! so yeah, wakeboarding is scary but i still like it! :D
here's a video of my riding today. and its my 6th time riding. haha must keep track of how times i ride.
enjoyyyy laughinggggg!

 aft riding session, met wilson at sportsclub clubroom to do my iphone contacts stuff. apparently im trying to export all my contacts out, so i can like update a new OS or get a new phone (like 1 to 1 exchange) before my warranty expires. which is quite soon. so yeah, i spent a freaking 3hrs backing up my phone and syncing contacts. FML man. 3hrs PLUS! i called in sick for tuition, cus i know i cant make it  and i didn't feel like travelling down to srgn then back to sch again in the evening for trng. haha so i napped inside clubroom while the com was running. 
some camwhore photos with wilson's Macbook Pro. OMG DAMN CHIO LA THE LAPTOP. but i cant use mac software for nuts sake. 

 and and and, i got a surprise present from wilson! yay!

 guess what it is!

   its the Sony Walkman W250 series! the one where u see ppl hook onto their ears like a earphone, but its actually a MP3 itself. and its water resistant and sweat proof! u can even wash it after use. OMG LUHHHH. perfect for me to use when i go running. teeeheee!
thankyouuuu wilsonnnnnn! :D

went for swim training after napping in clubroom. training was killer once again. we had time trial yet again. nooooooo. and why all the sets are sprinting sets... every single muscle in me is aching... i need a massage package desperately! HAHA! 
okay time to turn in. work at uss tml, and training afterwards.... another day of muscle aches. 
goodnight everyone! :>