Tuesday, March 15, 2011


i had my photoshoot in the morning at clarke quay, with 3 photographers. it was a good shoot, nice 2 hrs passed quickly. and i even got further offers of future photoshoots with them privately. yay, more $$$ to come! :D so here's 2 shots of my photoshoot. hahahaha! 

 after the shoot, john (photographer)  fetched me down to harbourfront and i rusheeeeddd to wavehouse for work. i was working from 12noon till 1am that very day! just nice when i reached wh, i saw lots of ppl there! turns out there's a dance competition held there. and and and guess who i saw??!!
my classmate, juihsin, in Sonic Vibe crew, andddddd Kenneth K-Lock Kwang & Rachel from Basic five. both of them are the performers in USS that i'll escort. hahaha. kenneth is the penguin, and rachel's the empress warriors. so coincidentalllll! talked to them while working and watched their competition performance item when i was at FlowBarrel. haha! 
damn awesome! good job guys! (: thennn continued working until 1am, took company bus home, was last to alight, reached home at 3am! wth la, damn freaking late.

had piano class in the morning, damn freaking sleepy cus i only had a few hours of sleep the night(or rather morning) before. headed back home to nap aft piano, until 2pm. then went down to promenade station to meet jianhuang, and off we went to IT fair! hoho! freakingggg crowded like mad! i hate squeezing in crowds but bo bian, i need to buy stuff. hahaha. bought all my stuff in the end. thankyouuuu jh for accompanying me though u hate IT fair, and carrying the ugly red plastic bag. HAHHAA! had nice dinner at Kenny Rogers, their macaroni&cheese is damn freakingggg awesomeezzz! then went to shop around and finally the riverside to slack and see nice scenery. Lol!
we went into topshop and jianhuang was like pointing out to the uber high heels on the shelf. then i tried it out and he took a photo for me. HAHA WTF DAMN HARD TO WALK PLS. 

which was tday. went to work at uss. it was a damn bad day. first, front gate didn't have enough escorts, so arif and i had to do 2 man show for PO (kungfu panda), back to back! like we brought Po back, den 5 min later, bring Po out again. no rest time at alllllll. and and its march holidays now, the crowd is FREAKING MADNESS! lots of ppl, kiasu singaporeans, unreasonable guests etc etc. to make things worse tday was surprise apprasial for the casuals.. sighhhh, i got targeted alr, cus i didn't hand camera back to guests with 2 hands. knn, like that also can. soooo tday was a rather emo day at work cus those that got pointed out were damn scared to go on sets. cus we were told if there isn't a huge leap of improvement, we'll be asked to go home, and not come back again. -.- SO YEAH, bad day at work. but anw tday has ended, i haven't been sacked. HAHAH! pray for a good day tml and thurs.

anw here's a photo of cute Po on set. but this Po damn bad to me, always disturbing me & throwing his sweaty towel at me when we're off set. and when i wanted to take photo, he covered my face -.-
anw Po damn cute right! my fav character, but not my fav character on set -.- he's the most well liked, which gives me lots of problematic guests... zzzzzz.

alright thats all for my updates.... 
tomorrow uss work as usual, then maybe hanging out with kenneth k-lock, then back home to cut cake with family. my bro's bday tml. haha and he has jap classes until 10plus, so yeah i can take my time to come home aft work. 
call time at 930am, i shall turn in naaaaoooo. nights everyone! (: