Saturday, March 05, 2011

 I had a nice gooood thursday spent! its been ages since i could walk carefreely down the roads of orchard road, not having to worry about anything, like work to go, casting to go, etc etc. 
it was just plain going out, nothing after that. NICEEEEEE. i like!

alright, so i met jianhuang at like 4 plus? went to get movieeeee tickets for No Strings Attached! haha finally watched it. then went to walk ard cine and i bumped into jayve&kendrick there! so coincidental! and it was jianhuang who spotted them and told me "eh yr friends there".. HAHA! then i turned ard and saw them. JAYVE (AND MS TEO), OUR MEGAZIP & WAVHOUSE IS AWAITING US!!!! :D

went to starbucks to chillllax cus our movie was in 2hrs time. had my all time fav java chip! sadly, no oreo cheesecake, or it would be th perfect combo! but nvm, raspberry was substitute. then we went on a random phototaking rampage. HAHAHA!

i think this dog quite cute! hahaha! 

jianhuang and his new found wonderful effect.... 

actually wanted to go find some dinner spots to eat but we ended up entering stores after stores, till it was time for movie. hahaha. anw the movie was funny! HAHAHA! and it was nice (:
soooo after movie, we headed down to this place he suggested. its opp hard rock, its like a bar or sth, and it has niceeee wings! :D

the menu says "if you vomit within our area; $80" HAHAHAA WTS! 

this fried rice may look harmless, BUT ITS DAMN SPICY. lucky i didn't order, only koped jianhuang's...

the chicken wings look dammmmmn nice rightttt!!!!

then right, i saw on the menu, it says Cider. so we ordered a cider to try. the waiter is one funny waiter. 
Me: "hi whats a cider"
Waiter: "oh its a pipsqueak"
Me: "umm what is a pipsqueak"
Waiter: "its a cider"
-both JH & i burst out laughing-
so this is pipsqueak! 

and cheap beeer :D

angsty man, keep picking up calls. 


alright so thats the end of the day. hahaha! 

and today, it was back to worrrrrrkkkk! USS again. tml as well. ohman, weekend crowds. hate em. nvm, time will pass faster like this. hahaa gna end work at 730pm tml. yay! looking forward to end of work, though i have nth on afterwards. BUT STILL... end of work = joy to the world ~~~ 

i hope nike human race is before july! 
then i will have a new company to join me for a 10k marathon; though he doesn't usually run marathon. hahaha. 
time for bed! gooodnight everyone! (: