Thursday, March 03, 2011

hey guys, sorrrrrry for th lack of updates! i've been sooooo caught up with work i can barely breathe!
Okayyyy, i just ended my 4 days stint with Natas fair. everyday 9am-11pm. it kills; literally! but i made new friends, esp with the girls, julin & si hui cus all 3 of us work at the front line of the redemption booth, whereas the guys work at the back of house, loading the luggages and doing the hard work. shall upload some photos when julin uploads it on fb. haha

after natas fair, i've officially started work at USS as a performer escort! yay! work has been relatively FINE. haha sometimes super busy, sometimes okay. ohwells, but im working quite alot nowadays. oh yes and i've just received notice from my wavehouse side that all part timers MUST work at least 3 shifts a week (including 1 weekend), or we will be dropped from the part timers list. damn! u see, if i work 3 times a week, im left with 4 days for uss and my tuition job. i have a tuition job on monday night and wed 4pm. so i dont work on wed due to tuition, which leaves me with 2 remaining days to work for uss. danggggggg, im damn packed. 

take a look at my schedule for the next 2 weeks!
tml: chill out day with jh
4/3(fri): uss (930-7pm)
5/3(sat): uss (10-730pm), 100plus ambassador job (8-10pm)
6/3 (sun): 100plus promo @ OCBC cycle (730am-12nn), piano, SIT open house
7/3 (mon): uss (830-530pm), tuition (7-9pm)
8/3 (tues): wavehouse (9-6pm)
9/3 (wed): driving (1-2pm), tuition (4-6pm), training in sch (7-9pm)
10/3 (thurs): uss (830-5), training in sch (6-8+pm)
11/3 (fri): uss
12/3 (sat): photoshoot (10-1230pm), wavehouse (2pm-12mn)
13/3 (sun): piano (930-1030), wavehouse (12pm-7pm)
14/3 (mon): uss (830-530), tuition (7-9pm)
15/3 (tues): wavehouse (9-6pm)
16/3 (wed): tuition (4-6pm)
17/3 (thurs): uss (830-5pm)
18/3 (fri): wavehouse (9-6pm)
19/3 (sat): uss (830-5pm), wavehouse (6pm-12mn)
20/3 (sun): piano

all because of the 3 shifts per week min for wavehouse. i think righttttt, if i really cannot cope with this overwhelming schedule, i might drop out from my wavehouse job and just work for uss until i leave to go overseas. at least uss doesn't make us work min xxx number of times per week. oh wells, i shall try this out, see if i can cope with it or not.

dead tired now. shall go to sleep and wake up damn late tml. hahaha i need all my beauty rest. tml shall be a damn relax and chill out day. i shall bring my dslr and new lens out for a walk too (:
goodnight everyoneeeeee! :>