Thursday, March 31, 2011

with the blink of an eye, its going to be thursday! the week is coming to an end soon! thats really fast!

didn't work at all on monday cus i was feeling terribly sick. went to see a doctor in the evening after finishing my piano class. it was like a total rest day for me. felt better after i rested the whole day (:
then i resumed work the next day at USS. was attached to celebrity for the day. met hannah, mae west character. she's a very nice lady! like her (: 

and today, i didn't work at all! cus i didn't get any wavehouse slots to work, or else wed & thurs are my wavehouse days. but nevertheless, i got to work for 100plus event @ Sundown Marathon roadshow! it was a quick one, everything was done real fast and there's lots of ppl wanting drinks. oh, the wind was super strong. had to mind my skirt all the time -.- 
ohyes, i bumped into joey at town when i was in the midst of texting him! its like damn zhun sia! HAHAHA! hi joey, i know my yellow tanktop damn nice and bright that u saw me. haha! aft meeting peishan at town, went to develop her namecard, collect my clothes and walked around in search of my satchel bag. left at 5pm, went to school, and instead of training, coach gave a workshop cus the pool was closed for maintenance. 

coach said if u're running the girls passing rate of 2.4km, u are considered jogging. haha. learnt alot from the workshop; how to train smart and effectively, how to create own training sets etc etc. 
there's run training tml. i predict it will be a hard training, since we all learnt about training tday. damnnnn!

1 more week to 2xu 12km run. IM DAMN NOT PREPARED FOR IT. its been a long long longgggg time since i last ran 10k. i dont even know if i can hit my previous 10k time or not. shall go try run 2 rounds around reservoir one of these days, see how fast/slow i am. HAHA! i secretly wish jianhuang wont go too fast, if not i'll have a hard time keeping up with him during the run. 

im in a dilemma now. i dont know if i should take part in the upcoming OSIM Triathlon or not. its going to be my first triathlon marathon. but the only problem is i dont own a road bicycle. okay i can borrow a bike from a friend, but the problem is the training part. cus i've never rode a roadbike, less to say compete on one, i have to train long hours on the bike. and the bike isn't mine, borrowing it for a long period will be quite a problem. and road bikes are hard to ride cus its hard and non-bouncy, and making turns are hard. 
so im still thinking, should i jus go for it, or shld i not?

time for bed! goodnight everyone! (: