Friday, April 01, 2011

was talking to paddy on twitter, and she tweeted to me that she got reminded of our sec sch geography project. hahahaa brought back lots of wonderful memories. 

managed to dig out some old photos from the ppt slides we did that time for the proj. anw this proj is called Senoko Project. its a national geogrpahy competition. we designed a solar cooker and successfully cooked pieces of food. HAHA! damn hilarious, cus we spent hours under the scorching sun, trying to cook miserable pieces of garlic using magnifying glass in our solar box. at first it was uncookable. but we managed to cook it, and also part of an egg! 

making of the solar cooker! 

and and this was taken on the day of the competition day. out of all the competition entries sent in, ours won a COMMENDATION AWARD!!!! how awesome righttttt! and we thought it was like errrrrr -.-

andddd while looking through my old photos, i came across our thailand trip in 2006. LOL! we went thailand tgt as part of our geography field trip. the photo album is HORRENDOUS! all our faces are cmi. this is one of the best ones. HAHAHA! 
tadaaaa! young and innocent faces in 2006. FML.

left-right: lynette (aka mui), dorcas (aka dork), petrina (aka paddy), myself, priya and fonteyn. 
mui, dork, paddy and yo(not in the pic) are my closest friends, my sec sch clique. we were in the same class from sec2-4, and we're still in contact with each other though all of us are in diff places now (1 in uni, 1 working fulltime, 1 waiting to go uni, 1 in nz, and me waiting to go aus). yo isn't in the pic cus she migrated to newzeland in sec 2. yup, diff places is so right. hahaa. i miss my buddies!
meet up soon lovelies! (: