Sunday, April 03, 2011

i had a fabulous weekend! and why so? cause it was spent fruitfully :D
went to work on friday, then had a sudden impulse to get the Forever21 top i saw the other day, and i went down to 313 to shop alone at F21. haha turns out, it was a bad decision to shop alone, taking of clothes to try seemed so addictive. i ended up buying 5 items and spending 180buckerroooos! :(

On saturday, i woke up early at 8am, met pris in school at 10am! we went to swim in school pool, then ran track. self training u see. hardworking duos! hahaha. oh did i mention pris brought her underwater camera along? we ended up camwhoring non stop, AFTER we finished our swim for the day. hahahaha! 
here's some awesome underwater shots.

was attempting a backflip but it turned out slanted. HAHAH! i hav no idea why my legs are in this awkward position...
pris is doing her slow mo summersault in her own world, OUT OF THE FRAME. i couldnt stop laughing at her, when i saw her like in her own world. didn't hav the heart to tell her she's not in frame. just cant stop laughing at her retardedness.
we were attempting a heart shape sign. took a few tries and this was our best shot. not too bad la rightttt.
couldnt help but camwhore at the deepest end of the pool. its 3m! hahahaa!
 HAHAHA totally dig the left photo! i look so blur.

then we got out of the pool, kept the stuff we took for our training, and off we went to the track..

it was so damn bloooody hotttttttt, the track was smoking! hahaha! like literally u can see smoke. HAHA! nevertheless, i completed my run and we went to do pullups! oh yeaaaaa, i managed to do 14 assisted ones. haha improvement :D and and i managed to go up HALFWAY, unassisted! yayyyy! great improvement from cant go up by myself at all. 
*pats my back*

showered up, and off we go for some shopping at queensway!

it was a good shopping venture at queensway. i got my TYR goggles at bargain price, im a good bargainer! HAHA. and for the new NSA swimsuit, im still thinking about it. anw the sizes dont come till 2 weeks later. shall think if i shld get the NSA suit or not. hmmmm.

As for today, i was supposed to meet my girls out for picnic, but i guess no one initiated any planning or what, so no more picnic, changed to meet up. but i chose to stay home and be with my family instead. haven't been with them for a long time. its like i either go work, go training or head out with my friends and come home late. by the time im home, everyone's sleeping or getting ready to sleep. i shower up and head to bed as well. so yea, never really spend time with them. so today's a sunday, i shall keep the family "rule" of sunday a family day, and stay home (:
i even got to nap for 4hrs! SHIOOOKKKKK! in fact i just woke up. hahhha!
shall go have dinnnner! yumyum traditional dish cooked by mummy! then mio movie together later (: