Monday, April 11, 2011

An awesome battlestar day at uss! & other updates :D :D :D

 It was a humid and hot friday, jianhuang didn't have db training and we headed down to USS for a day to play! though i've been working in uss as performer escort, i've never really toured ard uss or played the rides (well except for BSG and mummy, which i took during my training day)

sooo here we go! met at 11am and got into the park. used my weekend grid to catch all the appearances of the mascots and shows.

First world; Hollywood & Newyork!

Mae West! (:
Beetle Juice! (:

Frankie! (:

aft taking photos with these mascots, we went for the Lights, Camera, Action show. its a Steven Spilberg production, showing u the special effects using a given scenario etc.

the scenario inside LCA. the audiences stand and observe the whole show. quite nice. dont stand first row, u'll get wet.

 Luckily we were standing at the last row, so we were very dry.came out and we continued our journey in newyork & hollywood. hahaa!

Charlie Chaplain! (:
Mel's Dinettes! (:
jianhuang's fav girl on the right! LOL.
Kunfu Panda Po! (:
Woody Woodpecker! (:
Daddy O's! (:
Betty Boop! (:
JH was very very concerned that she will ask us to do the similar pose she was doing. luckily she didn't! HAHA!
the library? LOL.

Second world; Sci-fi! 
and we were greeted by the majestic Battlestar Galactica! jianhuang's FAVOURITE ride of the day. hahaah!
doesn't it look sooooo fun and exciting to u? :D
 Jianhuang:  WOAAAAHHH, nononononono. cannot cannot.

LOL! soooo to cool his mind down, we went for a walk first. hahaha!
Alien Empress! (:
Lizard Creatures! (:
 Jh said, if i took this ride, the Accelerator, he will take BSG! i friggin hate this yellow ride cus it makes me dizzy. but fortunately, the ride was a damn short while and i closed my eyes throughout.

the next moment, we were out of accelerator, and queueing for BSG!
i can never never ever forget the moment we were sitting on the Human BSG. jh was like noooo can i come off, i wait for u downstairs. noooo! its really damn damn hilarious and i was laughing away. i told him to just close his eyes and embrace the first drop, cus thats the steepest drop. 

and so he did close his eyes. but he thought the first 1/2 of the drop was it all, but the 2nd half of the drop was very much accelerated, and he didn't expect that. aft the ride, he claims he left his heart on the top of BSG. HAHA FREAKING FUNNY!

TADAAAA! conquerer of Human BSG!
and he refused to let me take a photo of his frightful-aftermath-face-of-taking-a-rollercoaster! LOL
Third world; Egypt!

Anubis guards! (:
Anubis guards with Scorpion King! (:

we took mummy ride over here. actually we took it before BSG, cus when we wanted to take BSG it was closed for maintenance. and since our bags were in the lockers alr, we went to take the mummy ride first.

Mummy ride was just as scary for jh. HAHA! the woman behind us kept screaming, when we haven't even reach the rollercoaster part. i didn't want to spoil the fun and tell jh what is going to happen inside the mummy ride. haha so i kinda just dragged him onboard and let him discover the excitement of rollercoaster. HAHA! when we reached the backwards part, i told him, this is it..... he was like whattttt. and laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa here we gooooooo!
when we came out, he said mummy was scary enough. no bsg! but sadly, i dragged him on as well. hahaha!

Lunch Time!
after 2 rollercoasters, we went to have lunch at pizza place! i always smelt the nice pizza smell when working, but never got to try it. this time round, i got to taste the niceeeee pizza!
Hawaiian pizza! (:
Pepperoni pizza! (:
Beef meatball with spaghetti! (:
and this is his way of not wanting to take a photo cus he's very hungry.

 Fourth world; WaterWorld!

we caught the 230pm show cus i didnt wanna squeeze with th crowd for the last show at 530. Water world is a show filled with stunts, and water of course, and there's a storyline lah. just rmb to watch this show whenever u go uss! its a MUST-NOT-BE-MISSED show! (:

 everyone will be seated in their choice of colour zone.
blue- splash zone
green- will get wet zone as well
brown- dry zone
those ppl sitting in the blue zones were literally drenched. the performers will throw buckets of water at them. so before the show starts, the perfomers will try to hype up the crowd by asking them to cheer, clap, play along etc.
they got this angmoh guy to come up and spray water at the performer, but in the end, he was sprayed from the back by the other performer. haha.
and as u can see from the photo, jh and i were seated FAR AWAY from splash zones. hohoho!

end of showwwwwww. nice!

 Fifth world; Far Far Away & Madagascar

queued to watch Shrek 4D!
the holding area before u step into the 4D theatre! (:
super chio 3D glasses! LOL! 

 its quite a nice attraction. like u watch the screen of a short shrek movie, and u literally feel the effects of it. e.g. horse riding & yr chair will move
donkey sneeze & water will be sprayed in yr face
spiders dropping down & u feel sth touching yr leg (THAT FREAKED ME OUT ALOT)

went to queue for enchanted airways next! but i didn't know what was it, i seriously didn't know.

super cute gingy!!!!!

turns out enchanted airways is a rollercoaster. haha! when we reached the front, we saw the car and jh say i bluff him again! cheat him to go on the ride. HAHAA! his fear of rollercoasters are developing fast. but it was a short ride, over in a jiffy! :D

Puss in boots! (:
Mada show! i can never get bored watching it.
King Julien! (:
Rico & Skipper! (:
photo was taken too fast for us to strike any pose. dammmmn. haha!
Mada family! awwww the giraffee & zebra is mad cute!
caught donkey live show. quite boring la, but the girl quite entertaining. HAHA!
Shrek & Fiona! (:

Sixth world; The Lost World

i asked this lady to take a photo for us, and she damn pro. squat all the way down and took a few shots. though its not perfect perfect, but its still damn nice. hahaa!
stone-age mosquito?
 ohyes, this mozzie photo was taken at the ride, 'Canopy Flyer'.  its the high flyer thing, where u sit on it and it brings u ard. i thought it looked quite slow and like a windy ride, turns out it could be quite fast. HAHA! Jh and i were quite unlucky to sit on the backwards side and we couldn't see a thing that was infront. well, that's bad for jh cus he couldn't mentally prepare himself for any sudden turns and all. i vivdly rmb him saying 'fuck youuuu jasmineeee' when the canopy flyer made a sharp turn. LOL! quite fun to see this side of him. hahahaha!

Aft canopy flyer, wanted to take rapids adventure but it was closed for maintenace, so we took a break at the restaurant. awhile later, we decided to try our luck again and horray, it was open once again! the queue was quite long, cus park was closing. got our ponchos and board the ride. 
halfway through the ride, there was this like sudden rapid currents. its either i was too light, or my head bobbles alot, or the seat belt wasn't tight enough, cus at that current point, my head freaking flew and hit jh's shoulders damn hard. i thought my jaw was dislocated. and my ear was red cus of the impact. and the lady sitting opp me laughed at me. -.- lucky we didn't get very wet. hohoho! 

Cylone was closed aft we took rapids adventure! much to the happiness of jianhuang. tskkkkk! he didn't want to take cylone no matter how much i begged him to. oh then i told him that cylone goes 360degrees, cockscrew turns and all, thats why u cant feel a thing when u're on the ride. HAHA. 
he was like omg, lucky i never sit. u never tell me this!

hoho, surprise surprise! but too bad no moreeeeeeee.

 polaroids for each of us to keep! mine's po, jh's woody!


 left the park at 7plus, spent a good 8hrs in the park. caught all the shows, took all the rides, managed to take photos with almost all of the mascots :D yay, damn happy! 
went to candylicious to see yummmy sweet treats. got gelato for both of us cus its 1-for-1. awesummmmmeeezzz!

caramel and idk what.
for the first time im not eating dark chocolate icecream! haha

had dinner at ajisen cus i wasn't feeling very hungry. went to sweet enchantment next door cus the sweet making session drew my attention to it. hahah! the person keep giving jh to try, but he keep rejecting. the guy damn funny, keep offering him diff flavour. the lady at the cashier also another funny one, keep letting me try samples of the diff flavours. 
some tasted like soap, some like veges. -.- in the end i think white grape taste not bad! jh bought 1 for his mum and 1 for me. 
the funny part is that he actually said it tasted bad, but he bought it cus of the smiley face on the sweet. WTS.

white grape flavour! (:

 the 2 super dark polaroids of BSG and us! right hand photo is mega fail. hahahahaha!

and this marks the end of my day! it was a damn long, hot and sweaty day, but it was super fun! enjoyed myself totally! 

today was our 2xu run! i reached the pit building much earlier than jianhuang, although he cabbed over. but gaaaahhh feel damn bad for making him cab over cus his first train damn late and he stays damn far from promenade. &he doesn't wanna accept my money as part of his cabfare! :<

oggaaaayy, so we prepared our stuff and went over to baggage deposit. saw eugene tastypotato in the queue, and we joined him. hahaa! we started the race late, but was still within the cut off time la. haha. ran 12km tgt, some parts of it under the rain. -.- first time run marathon under the rain..... 
& we crossed the finishing platform tgt. tadaaaa done! and it was still quite early. hahaa

went to take photos aft collecting our baggage. eugene is a hmmmm not-so-bad polaroid photographer! LOL. shan't make him feel so bad. but anw here's our awesome shots.
 thankyou for running 2xu with me (:
im sure your arms didn't shrink much. HAHHA! 

 went to eat at flyer and home sweet home afterwards. took a dammmmmn long nap from 1 to 6plus. woke up with leg muscles aching! :/ zzzzzz.
my mom woke me up at 3pm cus she thought i was awake. u know why? apparently i was rubbing my eyes (when i was still asleep), and i conveniently left my hand on my face, too lazy to bring it down. so she thought i was awake alr and ask me if i wanted to eat beancurd. haha! replied jh's msges, he went in msia and i went back to sleep.

OH OH OH, an exciting piece of news to share.
ytd, diana asked me if i wanted to go taipei tgt with junru & herself. today my parents agreed and now, everything's booked! DAMN FAST I SWEAR. diana super efficient with travelling and stuff. 
im going Taipei on 26-30 April!!!  :D :D :D

time to turn in now for the night! i couldn't fall asleep earlier on, must be bcos of the nap i took in the day. and yessss, i can sleep till late cus no work for me later (monday)!