Saturday, April 09, 2011

A bakingful thursday! :D

Thursday was a super awesome day cus i got to bake! hohoho! i know im not an awesome chef, i cant cook/bake/steam/whatever for nuts sake, but i managed to bake some brownies with pris successfully! :D

so here's how our day went....
we went sun tanning first and camwhored as usuallllll.

i wanted to try out my new underwater film camera, so i was trying hard to pry the casing out. butttttt i didn't know how to remove the film. LOL! so too bad, didn't get to use it.

camwhoring moments! 

we were trying to do some synchronized pattern! HAHAHA! quite successful leh! & its damn hard to get that nice photo. haha.
 paparazzi shot. hahaha. went up to remove my contacts, if not i cant open my eyes underwater. hahahaa

then we started the handstand session. HAHA!

first attempt. FAILED.
second attempt. FAILED, but not too bad, legs too slanted.

 third attempt. MEGA FAILED, cus my hair got stuck in my shades. LOL.

fourth attempt. MEGA SUCCESS!!!! 

tiring tries.... fugly center parting! HAHAHAH!

we headed over to sauna after the slight swim. guess what we did inside??!

yessss! WE ROASTED MARSHMALLOWS INSIDE! pris's awesome idea. hahahaa!

after sauna, washed up, headed back to pris's house, placed our stuff down and went opp to buy some ingredients for baking.and here comes the start of our baking adventure!

okay this is random, but i found a seed in the sunsweet prune! i was chewing happily until my teeth almost CRACKEDDD when i chewed on this. 

so first, u melt the brown sugar and butter...
then u eat some baileys icecream while cooking. HAHAHA!

 and the mixture will turn out like this....
 aft adding in the nutella, we had to cook it then cool it down. but it was taking such a long time to cool down that pris had a brilliant idea, to use the laptop cooler fan and cool the mixture down. -.-
 and then u add in 2 eggs and u mix!

 so hard at work! and i helped to bake horrrrrrr.

 then u spread it in the box thing, and put it in the oven to bake.


couldnt help but take a photo of pris's retarded bag. hahahaha!

end of story. hahaa! 
we brought some brownies over to school to treat our tri team mates. turns out that its pretty well liked! HAHAA! okay, so we went for training, and home sweet home. 

stay tuned for my next blog post on my uss play day with jianhuang yesterday!
we had so much fun! battlestar was the favouriteeeee word of the day! LOL!