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Taiwan Day 3

 we all woke up damn late cus we went clubbing the night before and couldn't wake up the next day on time for our plans. so we cut short away some places of interest, and went ahead with the ones we really wanna go. 

first up, we headed to shipai! took the mrt over.

and we walked from the MRT to find the PS BUBU restaurant. its the car themed restaurant, quite famous. why is it called ps bubu? bcos during yr young days, they call cars BUBU. so therefore the name BUBU was incorporated with the restaurant. :D 
enjoy the photos galore of the restaurant. we camwhored ALOT. hahahaa!

even the desserts were decorated nicely in the name of the restaurant! :D

and the toilet looks so nice too! haha

After a filling meal, we cabbed down to Beitou. actually we wanted to go to this specific hot spring that diana googled out. buttttt from the restaurant, the owners gave the taxi driver a diff add for hot spring, and we got to the wrong side of beitou. not the area we wanted to go. but nonetheless, we found a relatively cheap hot spring place and we went ahead with it :)

entrance to the female hot spring area

lockers for u to store your stuff

cleansing area. wash yr body first before dipping into the hot spring

the hot spring we went to

i swear the water damn hot. almost fainted. LOL! but it was a good first time experience in hot spring, although i wanted an open air one, where we can enjoy the scenery. hahaa! after hot spring, we took a bus down the mountain and trained to Danshui for our next stop. and sleepyhead me fell asleeeeeeep on the bus & mrt as usual

huge ass 5 storey MacDonald!!!!

Red 26! our bus to fisherman's wharf

took the Red 26 bus to Fisherman's wharf and viollaaaaa, we were there already! its a realllly nice place at night, cooling winds, nice yachts ard, some food store. basically its like the keppel at marina bay area. very chillax kind.

then righttttt, there were a few yachts that were docked by the stairs. dont know why the owners so dumb to anchor their yacht here. so diana and i climbed onboard while juju stayed on land to help us take photos. ahahaha she kept saying faster come backkkk later ppl see. haha


random guy who asked to take photo with us. -.-

and his friend as well...


and this is called the Lovers Bridge :)

After exploring Fisherman's wharf, we took the bus back to shilin and started our foooood adventure :D

shisha shop! so coool

fishball egg

tastes really nice! and apparently the boss quite famous on cook shows

oyster meesua

streets of shilin. not th shilin food place yet. here's the shopping place

then after hunting around and all, we finally found the shilin market, where all the food are hidden there!


first thing to buy, XXL CHICKEN CUTLET! 

the inside of the shilin market. cramped with food stalls!

our chicken cutlet! its soooo huge!

oyster omelette


damn big sausage as well! hahaha

it says tadpole egg. but its just like pearls and jelly


taddaaaaa! so nice rightttttt. smells damn good too :D

happy girls with a happy full stomach

Taiwan Day 4

we were on timeeeeee cus we slept early! lol. first stop for the day- National Palace. took a bus there from our place.

National Palaceeeeeee!

<3 this jumpshot 

some stamp that they have inside.

so right, aft we left national palace, we freaking took the wrong bus back down. andddddd we kinda got lost. hahaha! but we eventually found our way back. hahaa. our next plan was to go Yangmingshan. butttt a cab driver along the way told us that now yangmingshan has nth much cus its not the flower season. and he suggested for us to go this zhu zi chun. i think its called daffodails village. idk what flower is it la. so okay we agreeed for him to fetch us up.
and we shared the cab with 2 other guys. THESE 2 GUYS DAMN GAY I SWEAR!

2 guys in the centre

check them out


nice scenery! with mountains in the back, flowers in the front. :D

camp activities on the mountain. niceeeeeee. haha

after visiting the flower village, we took cab back down to the foot of the mountain, then a bus down to Taipei Main Station. it was a freaking longgggggg bus journey down cus its like from top of mountain down to foot. like machiam genting. LOL! and alot of old ppl on the bus. AHAHA! 

so we took train to Taipei 01 thereafter!

bicycles for rental! almost rented them for fun. haha!

a short walk from the train station, and we reached taipei 101! 

some of the atas shops inside the building...

in the lift up to the observatory

we went up to the 89floor for photos, but the outside levels cannot be accessed due to poor weather conditions and whatsnot, so we can only take photos from inside. and its super ugly, so no photos. hahhaha! we came down, bought some souvenirs from the shop and lefttttttt.

Dinner time!!!! took the train to Ximen, hunted for the toilet restaurant for our dinner. the place damn cool, the whole theme of the restaurant is TOILET. yes im not kidding, toilet. the deco is in toilet style, the food is served in a toilet bowl, even the seats u sit on are fully functional toilet bowl (just that no water inside and no pipe connected to it la)

Ordered a large steamboat, and a normal size ice shaving ice cream to share. 

their Post-it card for grabs! :D

our toilet bowl seat.
a typical 'table' setting

gifts for saleeeeee

our steamboat dinner set. in placed in a toilet bowl! 

So, halfway through eating, diana discovered a strand of hair in the soup and she decided to complain. so we called the person over, and diana complain say got hair and want refund. haha so meanwhile when the lady went to check whether real or not, we just finished the pot of steamboat as per normal. when she came back, she confirmed its hair, and we asked for refund. hahaha! den diana still damn buay paiseh continue eating from the pot... when we alr asked for refund. LOL! 

HAHAH! the 尿壶 that u can add on some money to bring home if u order a drink
one ice shaving, and another free icecream! 

before we left, we wrote this and dropped it in the "basin" underneath the table. its meant for that purpose! haha

last group photo and we're off!

 after dinner, we went to ximen to shop. but there was nth much to shop there plus it was rainingggggg. diana and juju spent a longggg time in the makeup store and i walked ard on my own cus i dont really use makeup. aft we're done with our individual shopping, we went to search for this shop that sells the weird packaging products. haha! like damn cute one. theres like marshmellow in a form of pad, chocolate/sweet in a mahjong tile package etc etc etc. damn cute! spent quite alot there, but it was sooooo irresistable. haha!

andddddd, after this, guess where we went? we went to the club, Luxy straight! u know why? cus there's half price entry before 11pm. HAHA! and by the time we left ximen, it was 10plus alr. so we made an impromptu decision to cab to Luxy, swop our shoes, and go inside the club get chop, then head back to our hostel to bathe, change and all, then come back again. HAHAHA! 
so we trained down to zhongxiao dunhua, and attempted this feat. diana went in first, with juju accompanying her. she took my shoes cus she was wearing slippers. okay and she got in. then i took her driving license and posed off cus i didn't bring my passport out, and i left my IC in sg.  andddd i successfully got in. then juju took my ezlink card and tried to pose off as me. BUTTTTT SHE FORGOT TO MEMORIZE MY IC NUMBER! and the bouncer knew she was lying. so she got denied. lucky they nv confiscate my ezlink card. 

TADDAAAAA! our chops from Luxy.

weird signage on the floor. hahahaa like some zombie zone
went back hostel, changed all and headed out. we even brought our vodka drink out, the one we bought at airport. hahaha! drank on the cab, and juju went red after 1 mouth. diana and i finished the remaining of the bottle. LOL!

On the cab to Luxy!

The emcee was pouring shots in everyone's mouth! DAMN HAPPENING SIOOLLLL. 

woo wooo wooo! sexy leopard pringggzzzzz dancers on stage

their toilet damn cool. still got table and sofa seats. LOL!

okay so righttttt, we were on the dancefloor, and this guy tapped me and ask if he can buy me a drink. i told him i was with 2 friends, and he said its okay he can get them drinks as well. diana said okay to it lor, so he and another girl brought us to this VIP room in Luxy. turns outttttt, it was a company function that they were having. actually not really a function la, its just their boss feel like coming, so get the employees to come. and its a real estate company. or house building or sth along this line la.  
and sooooooooo, we got to know everyone in the room and i found out the boss damn big shot. inside the VIP room, there's the head of security, head of bartender, and even a personal en suite toilet attached inside the room. niceeeeee. aft talking to the boss, i found out actually he's also the shareholder of Luxy. NO WONDER THE HEAD OF EVERYWHERE IS IN THE ROOM SERVING US ALL. niceeee. so we had a great night with drinks and meeting new people. but they quite old ah. HAHAHAHA! 

private toilettttt

this guy in the centre keep asking "so who wants to be my gf" fucking fail.

girl at extreme left is called Angela. she brought us around, damn nice lady

and the guy in cap, IS HER BROTHER! she brought him to party so he can take care of her

half of he VIP room

head of bartender gave us Baileys each for fun..... -.-

guy on extreme right, is the BOSS! 

the guy on extreme left, his name is Xiao Ya. he was the one who asked to buy me a drink
and we're still in contact via msn up to this date :)


on the stage!

extreme left- Stranger guy 1 that we met...

that night, we met LOTS of strangers. let me list them out for u.
  1. the guy listed on top, he's a HK guy who approached to dance on stage.
  2. Guy from Toronto, who approached to dance on stage too
  3. white guy from England, who was partially drunk and tried to kiss me. crazy
  4. Italy guy who was really friendly. friend of the england guy.
  5. group of korean guys who dragged us to go find their friends, saying they are very interested in us. -.-
  6. this guy from LA, whom aft club saw us behind him then keep asking us go eat bagel with him for supper. siao eh!

after club, angela kept repeating and saying she wants to bring us to Yong Ning to eat beancurd  cus its damn nice. and her brother couldn't stop her form repeating herself, so we gave in and cabbed to yong ning to eat supper/early breakfast. it was a nice meal! but so super early. after eating, we cabbed back to our hostel and KO all the way until late the next morning. we slept at like what 8am??!!! crazyyyyyy!!! but it was a gooood gooood night!


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