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Day 1 started with me being in sch for the iSupport event. eugene fetched saph and me to sch at 11am, with me dragging my luggage along with me. hahaa! put my luggage at clubroom and went to set up booth for the event. woah i swear there's tons of ppl there, even before we set up the booth. 
met jianhuang at lunch time, and had lunch at bistro. then went up to clubroom to get my luggage. lucky he helped me drag my luggage, if not alot ppl sure stare at me. hiakhiak. jh sent me off in cab and gave me a NICE farewell. hahaaaa. -.- idiot. 

met diana at airport and we checked in. took damn freaking long, the guy at the counter can still use his bb and dily daly. zzzz. finally in. changed some money, walked around, diana bought her chicken rice and we went to board plane. butttt, we were the last to board again. hahhaa.
byebye singapore!

aft plane took off, we slept awhile, got bored and went to pay a visit to the air stewardess so they wont be so bored at the back. hahaha. talked, camwhored, ate food.
then diana began to eat her chicken rice. tsktsk! what an example she's setting of an air stewardess. fancy eating chicken rice on board the plane. hahaha. the ahpek beside us like damn pissed with us cus we keep talking, going in and out etc. 
blaaaaaaah blaaaaaaaah. 4.5hrs later.

after checking out, we went to buy a bottle of Vodka for us to drink at our hostel. hahahaha! then went to find junru (aka juju) at the arrival seats. juju was already at taiwan with her bf, but she extended her stay to play at taiwan with us. heh! just nice that day her bf flew back sg, on the same plane we arrived on, and she sat at the airport to wait for us to arrive.

after successfully finding juju, we bought tickets for express bus to taipei main station, and board it!

Reached Taipei Main Station! alighted the bus and took a train to our hostel at Houshanpi!

Taiwan MRT ezlink card! :)

finally reached! actually taipei main station is like dhoby ghaut, its like a central area where alot of terminal points are at. so from main stn to our place at houshanpi, its like hougang to dhoby. yeaaaap!

finally found our way to our hostel!
the amount of shoes there....
checking in!
room layout
after checking in, we went out immediately to check out the night market near our hostel, and have our dinner as well...

RaoHe night market
this limping dog kept following us wherever we went!
pancake with pearl inside!
damnnnn cute golden retriever!
the damn nice omlette with aspharagus & prawn!

pigs trotter mee sua
oyster omlette!!!

slurrrp! mango ice shaving

haha damn gross looking squid

the 7-11 at taiwan! super alot of cute stuff inside. ahhaha! 

retreated back to our hostel at 1am for the night..  and this is how our room looks. its shared tgt with 6 ppl. these 6 ppl are unknown ppl to us. apparently, we alr hav 2 roommates inside before reaching. 2 of them have stayed here for months alr. hahaha!

There's a kitchen for us to use as well. and seeeee, i make a good housewife horrrr! i clean my own dishes. hahaha!

and even aft coming back home so late, we didnt sleep. photoboothed, snacked, played cards and drank our vodka. & we discovered the angmoh lady staying in our room, is kind of a two faced bitch. zzzzzzz. something happen in the night luhhh, and we found it out. and she's damn slut. hahahhahaha!

and we officially slept at like 5am that day........ 

woke up at 10am? not too sure, but we overslept. hahaa!
otw to houshanpi station

chiangkaishek memorial mrt station

we stood outside the memorial hall and camwhored hell lots! and u can see from the photo before, all 3 of us were zi lian-ing, and juju managed to capture that photo. haha!

Muesum kids in da house yo!
woman with DIOR jacket. hmmm kinda fake if u'd ask me. lol

guess whats this? ITS A DUSTBIN!!!

camwhoring outside chiangkaishek. LOL

last photo in chiangkaishek memorial hallllll!
sorry chye really loves to sleep
next stop, Gonguan station! we took the mrt there and went to search for the A380 restaurant. along the way, we saw pigs blood and decided to give it a try. boyyyyyy does it taste. :/

we asked around for directions and found this restaurant finally!

exact feel of in an airplane. hoho!

vodka sour! hahha. damn nice drink part of set meal

pumpkin baked rice

group photo with 2 of the staff. damn cooool!

right after lunch, we took train to taipei main station. wanted to go storyland which was located in K Mall. saw this damn cool cake-icecream lookalike store at the train station, and we bought it to try. haahah fancy eating again right aft we had lunch.

FOUND K MALL! met a jap tourist along the way, and he asked us for directions. lol! lucky we took basic jap before so we could communicate a little with him. and then rightttttt, there was this stalker that followed us damn closely! and it was damn fucking obvious! he stare at us from far, about to approach us when we got near, but he just let us pass. then aft a few steps he followed damn close. diana & i noticed and we walked damn fast. but juju always in her own world, she didn't notice and he was like RIGHT BEHIND HER. we called her to hurry up and dragged her.
we asked the security guard, and he said storyland closed down alr, so we just went to shop awhile at k mall. we went down the train station and lost the stalker. BUT THEN RIGHT, halfway through shopping, we saw the bloody stalker again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he was like sneakily looking at us at the shop we were at and disappeared somewhere. omfg damn scary, and we left quickly. 

took the train back to houshanpi, and went to wufenpu for shopping. its like cheap clothes, like bugis street kind. Lots of blogshop owners will come here source for clothes. shopped damn long, only managed to comb 3 streets, and we got damn tired alr. hahah. but almost all the stalls sell the same thing la. 3 aunties from a shop said my skin colour damn nice, and they asked if i went to tanning salon to tan myself to this nice brown colour. LOL!
chatted with 1 of the shop employee cus she looked young. asked her where to go for clubbing, she recommended  us to go lava where alot of youngsters like us will go. ahhaha so okay, lava, we shall conquer!
we wanted to get to lava before 11, if not the queue will be damn long. so we just tabao some street snack as our dinner and brought it back home to eat.
chicken cutlet & sausage
some chicken seasoned stuff
hostel owner got us the same chicken seasoned thing as well!
but the sad thing is, it was all spicy food, so i could only eat a litttttle. :( washed up and all, changed, and we cabbed to Neo 19, which was quite near our place. that's where Lava is.

Lava entrance (the grey with metallic words)
drink coupon!
it was ladies night, so its free flow. how they work is; hand them yr drink coupon, choose yr drink from the list ranging from cocktails to SHOTS (yesss! free flow also got shots!), bar tender gives u yr drink, u finish yr drink, keep yr cup, requeue, give yr cup and order again and get yr drink. if u want to leave the club, exchange yr cup for a wrist band.

absinth and vanilla sky shots!

the cocktails damn thin, so what we did was, take 1 cocktail and 2 shots, and we poured the shots in the cocktail and drank. juju cant really drink, so diana and 1 drank everything. hahaha!

us plus huiya!
 ohya, i bumped into ethan, shihua, huiya, sophia, kevin, and keith outside lava! and and also, elaine and her friend. from engine sch, ibt course. hahaha soooo smalll worldddd.  fancy bumping into tp friends at an overseas club. hahaha!

the stage/podium
they had this dancing contest, which was totally unfair cus it was actually known as the "who-strip-the-most-will-win" contest. juju went up to compete, but the slut beside her strip ALL (shirt, and bra off) and she won. haah oh this fat girl stripped half, but everyone at the bottom of the stage chased her away. dammmn epic!

all 3 of us got pulled to the podium to dance. its like the emcee pull u up then u can go up to dance, if not no one can go up on their own to dance. and we couldnt get off when we wanted cus the emcee like keep inviting us to dance, and didn't give us a chance to leave the stage.

ratio of guys: girls.... 10:1  -.-
end of the night! not a bad night.

club ended at 4am, took a cab back home, bought cup noodles at 7-11 and ate while walking back hostel. when we reached back to our room, we stink the whole room up with cig smell. not bcos we smoked, but bcos smoking is allowed inside the club, even on the dancefloor!
hahahaa, all of us coma straightaway. damn tired, plus drinkingggggg. 


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