Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hi everyone im back from taiwan! technically since sunday. hahaha. i've been busy uploading photos, meeting friends, drafting up my taiwan post. its a lonnnngggg post! 5 days worth. hahaa do stay tuned for the update. ITS LONG! so what have i been doing ever since i touched down?

met up with qiyang at town for movie & short catchup. ohboy, its been soooooo damn long since i last met him. last time i met him was when i was still in sjc, and he in acs(i). now he has completed acjc and in army alr! time flies!
left ard 6pm, met my girls, diana & juju, at bedok for karaoke sessssion! though i dont usually go kboxing, i went that day cus we said we wanted to kbox in taiwan, but didn't get to do it. so now we're finally getting our chance to sing k. hahaa!

met jianhuang for lunch at ikea. YAAAAAYYY, I FINALLY GOT TO EAT MY MEATBALLZXZXZ! aft lunch, we roamed ard ikea to see furnitures and awesomely comfortable sofa beds. HAHA!

 time to leave ikea and go gym in schoooool. so unwilling to leave that super comfy sofabed... then we headed back sch, went to gym tgt. i swear having a dragonboater as your 'trainer' for the day is not fun, cus he makes me do alot of sets & reps, that my puny skinny arms are aching badly now... and he claims its so little! :/
aft gym, went up to sportsgallery to rest & wait for his teammates to come. showered up, and he went for db training, and i went for sportsclub meeting.

today, i woke up with super aching arms, and he said he knew i was going to say that! haha. gotta go sch for training later. im so gonna drown in the pool later. same goes for thursday's training. 
aaaahhhh, this week feels so relaxed! cus i dont have work for the entire week, YAAAHOOOO! but work resumes next week. and this will be my last month of working at both USS and wavehouse. i'll be quitting my job during 1st week of june. then, i'll probably spend the rest of my june meeting up with friends and doing whatever i want which i've not done before and settling my visa, insurance and overseas education stuff.

i feel soooooo sad to leave singapore, to leave everyone behind, not knowing what will happen when im gone. but i hope everything stays the same when im back aft 2.5yrs.