by - May 31, 2011

Howdieeeee everyone! sorry for being away for quite some time. been busy working as usual, and when i come home its usually late at night so i hardly use the computer. but, good news! im quitting all my jobs by the end of this week. So therefore, this week will be my last week working. and i'll be spending the remaining 5 weeks to meet up with all my friends, do whatever i want to and get ready to pack my luggage and everything else. 

so in case u guys still dont know, which SOME of my friends are clueless about, im going overseas to study. therefore im flying off on the 5th of july, going to sydney, blue mountains to study hotel management for 2.5years. here's more about my school and uni life for you guys..

1st year- study on blue mounatains campus for 1 sem, internship at another australia state/another country for 1 sem
2nd year- study on BM campus for 1 sem, intern at another area for 1 sem
3rd year- study at Sydney campus for 1 sem and graduate.
Sydney is a new campus that the school is building and it focuses on the final year students on managerial prospects. the new campus will only be ready in Jan 2012. so i'll be the lucky batch to start my final year there. here's a video of the blue mountains campus and the new sydney campus coming up.... :)

so how am i going to live like in campus? here's a video a student made depicting a student's life at blue mountains international hotel management school

Why did i choose to go BMIHMS instead of monash, UQ, SIT etc etc? 

welllll, that's bcos i feel that BMIHMS is a good school, plus it is the sister school of the top uni in switzerland, Les Roches. therefore, in BMIHMS, they teach in swiss hospitality style, which is slightly different from the other schools in aussie. On top of that, BMIHMS is a recognized school and it has a good studying environment. Its located at Leura, which is 2hrs train ride from Sydney. its a very quiet, peaceful, relaxing place. 
saw this report article on employers employing BMIHMS students as compared to the other hospitality universitites. well, i guess BMIHMS is good then :)
AND THE FEES ARE BLOODY EXPENSIVE. hahahahaa. yessss, i've asked about other schools like UQ, monash, their sch fees for the same duration as mine costs twice LESS. so yeah i better make sure i study well so i dont waste my parent's money. 

anyway, im having mixed feelings about starting school. i am excited to start, but i dont know what to expect. plus, im sad bcos i have to leave everything i have in sg behind. i hate parting, its the worst part of anything. its that tingling sad feeling of departing, yet anticipating a whole new environment. sighhh, i hope everything goes well and smooth, and i'll still be in contact with all my loved ones. 
SO EVERYONE, GO GET WHATSAPP!!!! so i can keep in contact with u still! im gna whatsapp like mad over at aus, cus social networking apps are free, as in data charges doesn't apply for social networking apps. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D AWESOME RIGHT. 

alright, time to go catch a Mio movie. ahaha! and and kungfu panda 2 tml with pig! egggcitedddd! love the panda! hahahha! :)

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