Tuesday, June 07, 2011

happenings happenings!

20 May
It was the Roxy Shorts Competition- preliminary round at Wavehouse! all 20 girls met for the first time at wavehouse in the evening and we were rushed off into introductions, rehearsals and preparations. went through a few rounds of walking up and down the 'stage', and prepared for our showcase.
we were all required to walk up the stage and pose at 5 strategic spots, then answer a qns, sth like why do u think u should be in the top 10. 
then, the judges made their call, and after some discussion, we were all called on stage for the final verdict.
all the 20 contestants.
only 10 girls were called forth to proceed to the next round. and i was so damn super shocked to hear my number being called first. and so slowly, the 10 girls emerged. preliminary round ended. but we weren't allowed to leave yet! we were rushed off upstairs to have our clothes fitting. spent a good 2hrs upstairs w/o our phones, fitting into bikinis and fashion wear for the next day's finals showcase.

fashion segment with the male models
we had our first showcase at 2pm on saturday, whereby we catwalked up the stage, did 5 poses, emcee introduced us all one by one, and went back down. then flowjam started! and we were ushered off to do our hair and make up. and at 4plus in the afternoon, we started the mad serious of events. first was roxy bikini fashion show, then followed by roxy fashion outfit show, then a final showcase, and lastly the Q&A segment. 

first fashion segment- Roxy bikini and shorts.

these two lovely male models are our "props" for the day. they were there to do a little bit of catwalk, and just stand there for us to pose around them. haha. my male models were Shawn (on the left) and Brandon (on the right).
second fashion segment- Roxy outfits

third segment- Q&A

and the crowning moment.....  and yes very much surprisingly, i won the competition. hahaa i was very caught by surprise. hahaha!

final moments with all my lovely babes!

happy girl i am (:

A very big thank you to all those who came down to support me, take photos for me, and cheer your lungs out for me. without you guys, i wouldn't have the courage to do this. once again, thanks everyone!

for more photos, you can visit my facebook for the stomp photos. and for videos on my interview with razortv and coverage on the entire event, you can visit: 

following entries will include my graduation ceremony, partying with the Roxy babes & hunks, meetups with my friends and more happenings in my life. stay tune! (: