Tuesday, June 14, 2011


A nice tuesday to spend at home... time to do some updates!

Wednesday, 8 June
had a bikini photoshoot on last wed. its been some time since i last did bikini shoot cus i cant be bothered to wake up early and drag myself to the beach and pose for 2hrs. haha. here's a couple of photo, not gonna upload all of it.

Thursday, 9 June
met up with my dearest roxy babes for a day out in town. surprisingly, all of us became quite bonded ever since we met during the Roxy Shorts Competition, and i really treasure this friendship we have. :) all of us had tons of fun gossiping, eating and pooling tgt. haha. GOSSIP, was sooooo interestinggggg. haha!

lunch at Medz, Orchard Central
Medz works just like Marche! 

mmmmm! my fav rosti!

the buzzer tab we get aft ordering our food. when it buzz and rings, time to collect yr food!

super nice kebab sandwich! 
Alison, the super noisy bitch :D
dearest Roxy babes. :)
 after lunch, we went to cine to movie/pool, but everything's packed, so we headed to scape for kbox. butttt the girls didn't want. so we ended up at lucky plaza for pool! (Y)

Friday, 10 June.
finally met the ever busy jessica see! thats bcos she has a full time job at iFly already, so meeting up would be quite hard. but nonetheless, we managed to meet up on friday afternoon :) had lunch date at KPO. 

jess's fruit beer!
my rum w coke!
love the chillax ambience KPO has.

jess's breakfast set
Beef sandwich!
Cherie Twigs joined us afterwards, and we caught Super 8 at cine! Cel met us after our movie cus she had schoooool. went Ion for awhile, looked around for my organizer and left w jess. Met ethan after leaving the girls, for dinner at F&C. caught up with him, realized he's going sydney as well! but thats after his army. by the time, i would be in my final year already. HAHA!

Saturday, 11 June
CLIQUE MEEETUPPPP ONCE AGAIN! but mui couldn't join us cus she's having camp. so its just paddy, dork and myself. i never fail to have tons of fun and laughter whenever im out with them. gossiping about our old times back in SJC never gets boring with them around. im really thankful to have this wonderful clique of mine, still intact ever since sec2. :)

myself, paddy, dork

susssshhiiiiiiii for lunch! 

caught Hangover II after lunch. OMG ITS SUCH A HILARIOUS MOVIE!!! couldn't stop laughing! i think paddy should be scared to eat shitake mushroom now, after watching that film. LOL!

Sunday, 12 June
My family day once again on the sunday of every week. mom and i went to the optics, and got me a new pair of specs! lol, i officially have 5 pairs of specs at home now. and i also ordered my year supply of contact lens to bring over to aussie. mom found out that she had farsightedness, which she never knew before. hahaha! i kept laughing at her.. so in the end, she had a make a pair of specs with special lens that has the 老花 lens at th bottom. and that lens costs $500!!! madness. okay, afterwards, went to Hush Puppies and bought my black heels for hotel school. it better be acceptable, it costs me $130! 
then, dad came to fetch us and we went to visit my granny. mom says i gotta say bye bye to her since im leaving sg already. haha. 

Monday, 13 June
YUMCHAAAAAAA WITH CINDY AND KORINE!!! cindytanzinger is a super late queen for goodness sake! waited for like 30min for her to reach kovan stn. god! anw, we had an awesome time pigging out at yumcha buffet at chiantown. SUPER SHIOK! everytime the pushcart came, we took almost everything on it. HAHA! cindy was like 'eh chye last warning, u dont take any more food already ah' 

HK loves! 

our #1 fav!
and cindytan attempted to steal the pot home. ROFL
cindy even tore the order sheeeeet! such a rowdy girl! tsktsk!
hahaha i have a stalker face. hiakhiak

no buffet for ps cus she's late!

Loveeeee yaaaaaaaaaallll!
 after yumcha, we were dead bloated! trained to town and we shopped like no tomorrow. i bought lotsssss of stufffff. damn shiokkkk! haha. it was literally back in hk days, where korine, cindy and i shopped like no tomorrow and ate non stop dimsum until we got scared. haha. boy it was fun relieving those days... 

lost track of time shopping. haha! left at 715, went over to cine to meet shikai. had a movie tgt, something borrowed. awwww what a nice movie! supposed to have dinner, but i was still full from the dimsum earlier, so we went to walk around. went to Ion cus i wanted to buy my organizer, and shikai got it for me, as my farewell present. yay! i've got a nice new organizer, & i can slot in a photo at th front. gna hunt for a nice photo to put there. :>

the following 2 weeks are jam packed for me! still meeting all my friends up, before i fly...
Wed (15th)- meetup with Aikh, CLUB AT NIGHT with the girls! (MY LAST NIGHT CLUBBING BEFORE I FLY, EVERYONE COME)
Thurs (16th)- training in schoool
Fri (17th)- high tea @four seasons w glenda & yiliang, steamboat+shisha with jh
Sat (18th)- day out with dom,mel,vincent,leon,kelly etc! :D
Sun (19th)- family day
Mon (20th)- shopping with the girls
Tues (21st)- dental appt in morning, meetup with ivyg, dempsey dinner with jh
Wed (22nd)- training in school
Thurs- Sun (23-26th)- Cousin's wedding @MBS and indonesia over weekend

last week of June- PACKING OF LUGGAGE. damn time really fliesssssss... :(
5th july is slowly approachinggggggg...