Friday, July 15, 2011

HI GUYS, in case you dont know, im already in Sydney! and im living at Blue Mountains now, on my sch campus. 
here's my adventureeeeee. (sorry for not uploading photos of my departure... there's too many. haha! check out my fb! )

on the day i left.... 5th july. 
6th July, welcome to australia

Transfer to domestic flight

Hand carry ons, waiting foor bus to domestic terminal

from brisbane to sydney. welcome to sydneyyyy

breakfast on domestic flight

complimentary coffee for the misconnected bags

waiting for school ppl to pick us up....
finally they came, and picked us up in the car. then the lady sent us to Central station and we took a train up to blue mountains ourselves..
Central railway station

when we board the train, everyone was looking at us, cus we had tons of luggage to carry down to our seats. haha!

the amount of our luggage
we fell asleep on the train as it was a 1.5hrs train journey. damn long! finally reached Katoomba, Chris the campus service coordinator fetched us from the train station and brought us down to our sch campus at Leura. but we weren't going to spend the night there cus there was a storm the previous night and a tree fell on the power cables, causing a power failure in most Leura area. so we went to the sch to put our big luggage down and brought along our handcarry ones to Katoomba's backpack hostel to spend the night.

our 4 pax bedroom, but only ym and i were staying inside. MUAHAHA!
view outside our window
then we went out for a short walk to explore around..

BUT THE WEATHER WAS SO COLLLLDDDD, that we couldn't stand it and came back to stack on more clothes. hahahaa. and the SRC (student representative council) organised a rugby watching night out at the movie screening pub, so all of us were forced to support NSW, cus we're in NSW land now. lol. thus that explains the blue streaks on our cheeks. haha! in the end queensland won. haha. but it was fun :D

Next day, the campus director came down to YHA to greet us, and fill us in about the current situation. turns out we could actually return back to campus in the late evening. so we spent the day having small talks by our lecturers and opening bank accounts. and also exploring more of katoomba. 
yiminnnn & myself
in the evening, we went to put our luggages in the car and got ferried over to our sch. finalllyyy, we're in the sch campus! explored around and went to the diff rooms of our batch mates. Year 1s are housed in Winsland Twin, the older building. Year 2s are house at idk what, but its bigger and better furniture. haha. and Year 3s have the nicest rooms i guess...
so let me show you around the school a littttle bit. 
this is our mac lab, which is kinda messy
to the left its the door to kitchen. haha

so here's how the Year2s room look like...
kenny's room
kenny's room
Bosung & Youngjun's room
and the Year 1s room building, which is my room.
last but not least, my room! shared with yimin. :)

things aren't so bad here, though its a stressful environment. so let me tell u a little more about life here....
we have all our meals on campus, cus we've got 2 restaurants here, operated by students in year 1 practical & chefs. we dont have to make our rooms cus we have housekeeping once a week to clean our rooms for us, and thats the year2 practical students and the housekeeping dept doing it. there's pretty much nth to do at Leura, the place where my school is at. its a quiet peaceful place, nearest town which has more things would be Katoomba. there's a local pub there which students go on every thursday. but the music there isn't much of my taste; its like techno trance and all. so yeaaaaa. 

and for studies wise, im doing my practical now and i started with kitchen. but besides going for kitchen work, i have other classes to attend as well, so its kinda tiring for all of us.. 
so this term my subjects are; CALS, F&B1, F&B2, IP101 and Cross Cultural issues in Tourism & Hospitality.  F&B1 is the practical component which takes up the bulk of our time. we have rosters for the practical. Monday is our tutorial class, so no practical for monday, but TUESDAY-SUNDAY, we have practical. yes, even the weekends. so u pray that u get good schedule for the week. working hours are like 520am-330pm, or 8am-8pm, and thats breakfast&lunch shift, or lunch&dinner shift. usually in between 2-4pm we have breaks, BUT, we have other subjects as well, so that 2hrs break is actually our tutorial time. the school really plans our timetable well, really MAX it all out. so everyday aft we end work for the day, we retreat back to our room and plunge straight in the bed. haha.
kitchen is for 5 weeks, followed by fine-dining serving for 4 weeks, and cafe serving for 4 weeks. and then exams time; both practical and theory. shag right! sighhhhh, so much to do/learn/work for everyday. but its okay, we have lots of fun in the kitchen, and i learnt how to cook/cut/prepare dishes for the student's meals. 

so over the past few days, i mean the week, we had our O Week! yay, and we survived. we actually travelled down to sydney on one weekend and explored around. FYI, blue mountains to sydney is a bloody 1.5hrs train ride. enjoy the minimal photos. hur!

and this is my school. plaque. haha

train station at Leura.

a happy me in my new UGG boots!

Darling Harbour :D
Opera House! :D

and yay, that marks the end of our day at Sydney

just recently, like on monday, i bought my kitchen boots! hahaa! i couldn't get the normal sized ones cus they're too big, so i got the kids size one and they fit perfectly fine! but bad thing is that they cut at the top sides. sucks. but its all good, i'll just be using them for another 4 more weeks and bye bye.
such cute boots right! they're kids size

more updates coming up! i'll try to update on a day to day basis. well depends on my mood, and it i have the time or not! :/ argh, speaking of which, i have assignments that i've not done yet. gotta do them soon, maybe over the weekend. got RSA class tomorrow. sighhh, fancy a class on a weekend... and kitchen shift next sunday. damn. okay goodnight everyone :)