Sunday, July 17, 2011

he was born on 3 September 1984, Roseau, Minnesota, USA. He's 1.89m tall! (omgosh, that's real talll!). he's the lead actor in Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn. and his name is none other than.....

Garrett Hedlund

A mini biography of him i took off google: 
Modeled for L.L. Bean and Teen Magazine before acting.
Won the role of Patroclus in Troy (2004) only one month after arriving in Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.
Grew up as a huge fan of Tim McGraw only to have him play his father in Friday Night Lights (2004)
Gained at least 30 lbs. of muscle for the role of Patroclus in Troy (2004), then gained another 20 for the role of Don Billinsley in Friday Night Lights (2004) - only to slim back down for the role of Jack Mercer in Four Brothers (2005)
Ran track in high school
Has a brother and a sister
Graduated a semester early from Horizon High school in Phoenix, Arizona
Participated in wrestling and football during high school
Family: mother Kristi, father Robert, older brother Nathaniel, and older sister Amanda.
Nominated for Choice Breakout Movie Star - Male for "Troy" in the 2004 Teen Choice Awards.
Is a huge fan of punk rock.
Parents divorced when he was a young boy.
Participated in ice skating, wrestling, and football in high school.
Grew up on a farm that only got one radio station, that played country music. The airwaves were dominated by Tim McGraw, who later went on to star as his father in "Friday Night Lights".
Enjoys hunting and the outdoors.
When he was 15, went to various punk rock shows to photograph the bands, and their fashions.
Current residence: In an apartment in LA (which he bought with the money he made from Troy).
He attended Horizon High School, but graduated a semester early to pursue acting.
Broke his arm snowboarding and could not attend the London premiere of Eragon with his fellow cast members.
Attended Horizon High School before becoming an actor.
Is of Swedish ancestry.
Was discovered at a ProScout event.
Attended Horizon High School with Aneliese Rutger.

okay now i sound like some creepy stalker...  but im actually not. i just think he looks sooooo hot in the movie! hurhur!  anw, i just watched 3 movies at the games room non stop, one of which was Tron, which explains my current infatuation with Garrett Hedlund! hahahaha. 

Today was a boring day, but made funfilling by yimin and myself. haha! we had Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) class from 9-3pm, then right aft the course ended, we had an exam on the spot. phew, lucky i took down notes and listened in class, scored 49/50, the mistake was the stupid trick qns! arghhh. but anw it was an interesting course, teaching us lots of stuff abt dealing w alcohol, serving alcohol and the laws abiding it. 
After class, yimin and i decided to head to the gym and do some workouts cus we've been pigging EVERY SINGLE DAY. the food here is awesome, which makes us eat like a mountain full of food. and during the night, we have snacks in our room cus we just cant stop being hungry. haha, so yeah, i lifted some weights, did mostly core exercises and i ran on the treadmill for 20 odd mins. i got so tired easily! i reckon its the cold weather cus ym was feeling the same too. 
After gym, we played some piano at cookie's cafe w kenny playing the violin. its been AGES since i last touched the piano mannnnnn. time to brush my skills up. then dinner time, and movie all the way till now. haha. we've got no classes tomorrow, and no practical shift as well! OH YEAH, so we're gna go explore leura w the rest of our batch mates tml. :D 
so now, its time for bed cus its friggggin 317am here. goodnight all :)


Anonymous said...

That third picture is of Ed Speelers. Not of Garrett Hedlund...if you didn't know.