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time for some updates in my school life. 

As you guys know, i went skydiving last weekend, and it was the best experience i ever had! I was in the plane with yimin, patsy and a group of skydiving team. As we were going to freefall first before parachuting down, we had to go ABOVE the parachute level so as to do 1 min of free fall. hahhaa! so that was like higher than the NDP Lions who parachute down all the time. lol! the skydiving team went down first and i was like OMFG, HELL NO! and my instructor behind me just kinda pushed me towards the door. we were supposed to place our knees in a 90 degree position and fall forward, but the wind was so strong (220km/h!!!!) that my legs kept flying left side. HAHA! it was hilarious, and i kept saying omfg no no no no, cus i saw how the wind brought the skydiving team far away... and so my instructor kinda pushed me down and WOOOHOOO I WAS FREE FALLING!!! it was sooooo good! but my ears felt bad afterwards. i was kinda deaf man! hahahah! & my instructor let me pioneer my parachute. wooooo, it was so fun! it was definitely one of my best times ever! :D im sure u guys have seen the photos on fb, here's the video if you guys haven't seen it. please dont LOL, its kinda embarrassing. HAHA! but anw, have a good laugh.

Last Thursday, i had my Sous Chef exams! its like being the head chef for the day and delegating tasks to preparing the lunch meal and making sure the buffet line runs smoothly. it was quite intimidating and i was super nervous about it. heh. but Chef Mum said i did well for my exams. hehehehehe!
My Sous Chef hat! :D

that very same day, in the evening, Usman was Sous Chef for the later part of the day. all was well until evening time when i broke down in the kitchen. i was too pissed that i cried. but ohwells, everythings over already, and all's good. 

and, i lost someone dear to me that very same day as well. I called home to find out that my Granny passed away. I was in shock, cus no one told me immediately. I guess they didn't want to disturb me. I still remember i visited my granny at her place 1 week before i flew off to aus. she gave me red packet and asked me to study hard, and visit her when im back 3 years later. On the day when i was going to fly off, she got admitted into ICU and i went down to visit her at the hospital. She couldn't speak much as she had an oxygen mask on her. When i went in with my mum, i was so sad. she held my hands tightly and my mum told her im here to see her before i fly off. she tried to say something to me, but i could only hear muffled voice. But i could tell she wanted me to hav the best out of what i can, and of course to study hard and not worry about her. The nurse told us that she should be recovering well and might be able to come off the oxygen mask soon. I left soon cus i had to pack everything. I told myself that i will visit her when im back in SG. 
but sadly, she left us last week.... 
it was really tormenting for me, having to deal with kitchen stuff, and passing of my granny. i cried until my eyes sore, and it was still sore the next day. i dont deal with goodbyes well, but i tried to mask it in the kitchen cus i dont want ppl to know (well, except yimin). and now, granny's on my wallpaper. its a relief i still have her photo inside my com.
you'll always be in my heart<3

Next day, it was a brand new day. It was the last day of kitchen. 12 August. coincidentally, my last day of kitchen was also my very first day in bakery. how sad! Chef Muzz taught me how to make macaroons. technically, i taught him how to cus i read from the book but he guided me along and gave me tips and all.then he left at 12pm, cus fridays are his half days. so for the rest of the day, i was left alone in the bakery to do whatever i want. I tested the macaroons, brought it out during lunch time for the students to try. Minutes later, Front of house staff brought the empty plate back and asked me if i had more cus everyone wanted more! im like OMG I DIDN'T MAKE SO MANY, IT WASN'T INTENDED FOR THEM. 
hahaaaaa but i was so happy! my first time making them, and everyone loved it :) so i sacrificed my break hour and stayed in kitchen w yimin to make more macaroons. hehe! and we cam-whored inside bakery. hahahaha!

Chef Jenna!
Dessert made by kaycee

yiminnnnn and myself :D

my beloved macaroons in the oven. hiakhiakhiak
and the end product after baking!

heh heh! Macaroon Chef Chye! muahahha
hoho! my loots from Forever21 online shopping just arrived. which explains the mess...

I didn't do much this weekend. stayed in school, finished up my assignments, and found time to go out for a joyride. hahaha!
tomorrow is the start of 5 weeks at Front of House. oh mannnnzzzzzz. all the kitchen students are dreading to go out to front of house, and the front of house students cant wait to come in. noooo. in front of house, yr roster can be either Barista, Chambers, Ploughman's (breakfast/dinner shift), Bar, or Maitre 'd.
  • Barista means that you'll be in the cafe, learning how to make coffee
  • Chambers is the fine-dining restaurant on campus, so u'll be doing serving at the fine-dining restaurant
  • Ploughman's is the buffet style restaurant in the sch, so u'll be doing simple cleaning up of dishes aft students are done with eating. its more relaxed than Chambers
  • Bar means bar, where u learn how to make cocktails/mocktails/ match wine with food and get them served etc. yes we can order alcohol if we're eating in chambers. hahaa.
  • Maitre 'd is the scary one. its like Sous Chef thing. it means u're in charge of the whole Chambers service for the day. its quite complicated. from finding out the menu of the day, to making sure everything runs smoothly.
Im doing Barista tml, Chambers on wed, Bar on thurs, fri off, sat brunch shift at ploughman's, sun off! anddddddd, sunday is PAINTBALL DAY! our school organized paintball activity for the students and im going to play! oh yeahhh! hopefully i dont get lots of bruises when i return back from the game. i vividly rmb when i played paintball in sg, i returned home with a humungous ball dent bruise on my side stomach cus the pellet hit me straight there. hohoho, boy was it painful!  nonetheless, im still looking forward to playing paintball war this sunday! cant wait!

Stay Tune! :D
time to head back to my pile of assignments! :/

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