by - August 16, 2011

Day 1 of Front of House; it isn't THAT bad.... but luckily i was doing barista. i made my first coffee! so damn happy. hahaa! Mr Frawley said i dd well, and the milk froth was good! despite me being first timer at coffee making. heh!

but im so not looking forward to tomorrow and so on, cus im rostered at chambers! plate carrying was A TOTAL BITCH! my fingers cramped up pretty much everytime i carried 3 plates. gosh, i wonder how they train their fingers to be so tough to carry 3 plates on a single hand. i reckon they lift weights with their pinkies. hurhur. kinda nervous for chambers service, its so damn scary! and i keep forgetting where to put the plates, cutlery, etc. but im totally looking forward to bar shift on thurs. cause i get to make my own cocktail and mocktail! and coincidentally, its degustation night that day, and i get to match wine with the 7 course meal. oh yeahhh! :D
but it was tiring still. when the orders of coffee and tea came in one after another, i was like in a panic mode, but luckily i had Mr Frawley with me to help. heh! i made so many diff types of coffee today! like 12 diff types? hahaha. coooool. but i haven't mastered the art of pouring the patterns on the top. gonna master it one day before the barista exams comes.

shall go hunt for patsy and get gossip girl from her and start watching. then maybe i'll stick my head into my assignment pile and do it. we shall see.
toodles! :)

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