Sunday, September 04, 2011

i miss my family like crazy!!!!!
but im really glad that they're coming over this dec. Mum just told me over the phone that they've booked tickets to come over on 3rd dec, and they're staying in aus for 12days, and stopover sydney for a few days. 
Im going to bring them to Chambers to eat. :D and bring them around the city and spend lots of time with them when they're here. 
now, i truly realise how much i miss them. and treasure them....

and to granny,
please get well soon, you said you'll see me graduate. 
granny was recently hospitalized cus of inflammation of her large intestine, and she almost lost her life. thankfully, she's fine for now, but she's still having inflammation. & she's really upset that she doesn't have her large intestine now, doc operated it away or else it would be life threatening. 
i pray that granny has a speedy recovery and can return home soon. its going to be her birthday in a few weeks time, and i really hope she can stay healthy and happy. 
i dont want to lose another granny, like how i lost my other granny last month.