Sunday, October 02, 2011

hello! sorry for abandoning this blog for a very long time.. im always forgetting to blog. but anw, its TERM BREAK now! i had 2 weeks of term break, from 19sept-3rd oct. i went to goldcoast from 19sept-24sept, and im spending the remaining of my term break bumming around. hahaa. life's good! no work, no school, just pure bumming, drinking, partying, sleeping in etc. 
but school's about to start soon, 2 more days to go..... & i'll be a theory student! aft 3 more months, i'll be going off for my 1st placement. hmm, i havent really made up my mind where i wanna go for placement.

 Hayman Island? 

Hamilton Island?

 or Swiss Grand Resort or Spa? 

i cant make up my mind! swiss grand is in sydney, bondi beach, whereas hayman & hamilton island are somewhere near great barrier reef. hmmmmmmm. i have less than 3 months to make up my mind.

besides that, my school has 82 new students! wow! the dorms are all fully occupied and theres new faces running around everywhere. haha. this new term, i'll be dressed in my business suit every single day, no more chef uniform or front of house waiters uniform. hahahaha. ahhhh feels so different! 
term break has been eyeopening, an awesome time. and now, its time to start recollecting myself and get ready to focus on 4 new subjects for the next 3 months; accounting, marketing, management&leadership, business com&technology. wish me luck guys! im sooooo not used to studying so many subjects in such a short period of time. im gonna get smashed! 

toodles! (:

is it real?