by - October 11, 2011

Ah! a fresh new term! classes have been real boringgggg, except for marketing and accounting. marketing's really interesting, partially bcos my lecturer is from SINGAPORE! and he's the asst dean of th school. heh heh. and accounting, you cant afford to lose concentration or do other stuff, if not you will miss out hell lots. 

Im soooo bad at math, and accounting is really sucky for me. other than that, the other classes are really boring. so here's what i've been doing when im bored. some laughs for everyone! 

Disney fails

Facebook Photoshop fails

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! cant stop laughing everytime i browse the website, and risk blowing my "im looking at lecture slides" cover. 

okay, enough laughter, time to get back to school work. im gonna revise my accounting from the previous tutorial so i dont forget everything that i learnt. SO DAMN LOST IN NUMBERS! haha.byeeeeee!

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