Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life has been good so far. :>

there was school party on friday, the first school party of the 4th term. theme was uniform, but obviously majority of us didn't turn up in uniforms, we just wore normal clothes. haha.

yimin, patsy and myself
something happened aft the party, but everything's resolved now, and i hope its going to get better (:

anywayyyyy, i went sydney the next day for SASHIMIIIIIIII with choi hyeong seok (aka tom choi). we've been craving for sashimi for a longgggggg longgggggg time and its time to satisfy our craving. hahaha. so here we gooooooo!

Mr korean
ohyes, beware of the seagulls at fish market, they attack your food. we had like 3 pieces of sashimi left, and it was for me. while we were taking photos, a group of seagulls swooped past us and flew away. 5 mins later, i saw the sashimi missing! HAHA! the seagulls were so cunning! they flew down and stealthily grabbed the sashimi away. haha gosh, they are smart!

then we caught Johnny English Reborn. IT WAS SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! i absolutely adore Rowan Atkinson! he's so damn smart yet he looks so dumb. plus his daughter is a total hottie. ^^ 
aft dinner, we had dinner at korean restaurant, cus it was the only place that's still open aft the 5pm closing hours in sydney. 
and i tried soju for the first time in my life!
 omggggzzzz, soju is like pure alcohol, sth like vodka, but a little nicer tasting than vodka. hahaha! but it was nice, tasting soju finalllllyyyy! :>

so, i had my placement meeting w the career development tchers on wednesday, and i chose to go InterContinental Sydney for my upcoming placement. and today, i got a call from the HR dept and had a phone interview with them. at the end of it, they said they were interested in having me come down sydney tml for a face to face interview! AHHHHH IM SO DAMN NERVOUS!!!!!! i hope i get in.... Ms Howe told me that there were previous students who went there and didn't do a good job & the hotel didnt want students from our sch to go. but now they've opened up the vacancies to our students again, and im the first few batches to go there now. soooo scarrrryyy. so tomorrow, 4pm, InterContinental. i'll be going down after i finish class. wish me luck! :D

and another thing is that, i finally managed to establish contact with the General Manager of the hotel school sydney to have an interview with her. its for our assignment, whereby we hav to interview a manager in the hospitality and tourism scene. the funniest part is that her office is in INTERCONTINENTAL!!! lol! im going there tml for my placement interview, and again on sunday for my project interview. haha how funny! im so fated to go intercontinental. hahahhaa.

oh oh oh, and and and, i've been selected to model for the fashion parade for the Melbourne Cup luncheon on 1st Nov! OMGOMGOMG, so eggggciteddddd! im gonna try to establish my modelling career a little over here. i feel so sad having to leave my modelling career in sg, so i felt that i should establish sth here so i dont feel so sad and lonely.  heh heh. here's the first step! :D

okay, time to get dressed and head to alex! and drag myself to accounting class tml morning. hurhurhur. toodles! :B