by - November 11, 2011

anywayyyyyy, im really happy over this weekend cus i finally got to meet up with pauline dinggggg! she had flights to sydney twice before but i didn't had the chance to meet her cus of school. finally, on thursday, i only had 1 class, which was business communication exams.  rushed down to sydney right aft my exams.

we haven't met ever since we graduated from poly last year. she passed interviews and is working now as a flight attendant with Singapore Airlines, thats why we couldn't meet up before i left for australia cus she was busy with trainings and all. but now, life's good for her! so happy for her(: (:

met pauline at Hilton hotel lobby and we went up to her room.. 

aww dearest pauline gave me an organizer for 2012! :D

met weili as well, cus she stayed the same floor
after putting our stuff down in the hotel, we went for dinner at Madang! its a korean restaurant, but the queue was always sooooo damn long. luckily it wasn't that long so we ate there. food was supposed to be nicer, but i think it isn't THAT fantastic as the other ones i've been to. anyway we girls just talked and let the noble guy do the job of cooking. but he sucks, the 2nd batch of bbq was burnt. TSKKK! hahahaha. 

after dinner, we walked to this korean restaurant called Milliore for drinks. tom called yeol and he said this restaurant has the cheapest soju and beer. it costs $7 for soju and $5 for beer, thats really cheap!! compared to $15 at the other restaurants. anw tom taught us how to make this drink. 1 shot of coke, 1 shot of soju, placed into a glass, then topped up w beer. he said that this is the drink that guys will get for girls in korea club to make them drunk. HAHAHA! so we played drinking games and drank 4 bottles of soju, 4 beer, and 4 coke. i think.... 

tadaaaa! coke+soju+ beer
 lol! this girl was really drunk in the toilet and she was hugging the toilet bowl while puking in it. omgzzzz, gross. it was awesome drinking tgt and having so much fun! ahhhh, miss those times :)

anw walked back to Hilton and all of us passed out on the bed aft washing up. too tiredddddd.
paulineeeeeyyyyyy :D

loveeeeee loveeeeee :)
we woke up at like 6? showered and all, tom and i left at 645 and went to train station to catch train back to school, while pauline packed up and change into her air stewardess uniform to fly back SG. awwww, i miss the bitch alreadyyyyyyy. 

when we arrived back to sch, quiz was about to start. luckily i still could take the quiz tho i was late. heh. came back to the room aft quiz and slept all the way from 10-3pm. did some project work, had dinner at 530, and project meeting at 7pm. there's so many things to be done! its coming week8 now, and all the projects, assignments are due in week 9/10. so everyone's rushing and all, since we have 4/5 subjects. haha.

oh yeaaaaaa, im working tomorrow! yes! :> 
cant wait to start placement srsly! && hopefully pauline gets more flight to sydney, so we can meet up when im having my placement :D its so good to meet up with friends who mean so much to you (:
good ol' times during poly days. (:

true friends will never leave your heart (:

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