wedding banquet (:

by - November 13, 2011

 the weekend is just about to end, and here comes week 8! the week of torture, late nights, doing projects as the following week is submission week for all assignments. 
im gonna turn into a panda temporarily! anyway, besides doing project, i went to work recently at Mt Victoria for a wedding banquet. it was a lovely small traditional wedding with the amazing scenery as the backdrop. tom, kenny, jack and myself worked for this event, and it was fun working tgt! we nicked so much food at back of house while working, so much till we were quite full when it was dinner time. haha! here's some photos: 

at leura train station, waiting for train to Mt Victoria

keeeeennnnnyyyyy suuuuu! 

Mr Tom Choiiiiiiii :>

the un-decorated wedding cake. hahaa

isn't it so lovely! :>

all set for work! but, photos first! :D
 all of us were dead beat by the end of the day, but it was all good (: i wanna work for future events like this. i've always love to work for wedding banquets, i simply love seeing the bride and groom coming together and celebrating this special day of theirs with loved ones. 
& the bride will always look the prettiest with the brightest glow amongst all. 
when will it be my turn???? maybe im too fierce, no one wants to marry me!

on a side note, im really starting to dislike my project groupmates, bcus of some bloody black sheep who doesn't do anything and it makes me so pissed! im coming after youuuuu!!!! 
watch out, nasty fiery chye is on your tail!

on a happier note, here's my favourite song right now. haha! recently into korean craze, I WONDER WHY... hahaha! :B

byeeee! off to bed now, its 233am! class at 10am tomorrow.
Jal ja! 잘자요  (i wonder if its correct)

today, the first of something special (:

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