chase the weekend blues awayyyy :(

by - November 16, 2011

its the weekend once again! & usually im very welcoming my weekends to come, but not these few weeks :( have been bombarded with HEAPS AND HEAPS of work and projects to do! never felt so hardworking and stressed in my life before. :/
so i had like an ENTIRE DAY of marketing project, and i even skipped dinner to do up my management& leadership ppt slides. tomorrow, im going to do my reflective journal for business communication and have management&leadership project meeting. 

i feel that my eyes are popping out and my brains are thumping real bad from all the staring at the computer the whole day...... this is badddddddd.

anyway, here's a photo i found on oddee. i really wanna go this restaurant at least once in my lifetime. haha! and this cylinder was built in SINGAPORE!!! *waves sg flag, acts patriotic*

last week, during our business communication class, our tcher got us to google our name and see what comes up on the web and images. so i tried googling my name, GOSH!!! 90% of the links on the first page is about my websites (e.g. facebook, twitter, blog etc). and the images came up my photos! like from new to old, to even ex bfs photos! and our tcher asked what was the result,and i had like the most counts for results of myself on google. 
&& through that exercise, i found this photo.

hahaha, found out that my Singtel Grid Girl interview with my school is actually on the TP website! whhooooooo!

oooggggaaaayyy, i shall get back to my assignments and continue to procrastinate while doing work. hurrrr! 
hopefully i can finish enough work tonight, so i can go fish market with T tomorrow. sassshiiiimiiiiiiii is waitingggggggggg~~~~

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