Bye bye BM!!!

by - December 12, 2011

today is the last day i'll be staying on campus. starting tomorrow, i'll no longer be in Blue Mountains.actually im starting placement only on the 19th, but i'll be meeting my family tml after my marketing exams. I'll send them off on wednesday aftenoon, and probably meet Pris who's gonna fly in on wed afternoon after her flight attendant shift ends. After wednesday ends, i'll move to shin's house temporarily for 3 weeks until she comes back from Korea. so within this 3 weeks, we have to find an apartment or we'll be homeless! hahaa. so thats the plan for now, and it means that its my last day here at the mountains. and i probably wont be able to meet the those (whom i know of) who're flying off.

so here's to you guys!

To Kenny,
Sorry i wont be able to send you off when u leave aus... im glad we met during the first day of orientation, when we were all stuck at YHA due to the storm. we became close friends (tgt with yimin) and hanged out together all the time. well, until the time came where all our timetables clashed and you went off to other classes. i will miss camwhoring with you at random moments. I hope you enjoyed your 6 months summer exchange here at Aus. though it was a short 6 months, we forged a life long bond. All the best for your final year at Les Roches and hopefully we'll meet again somewhere across the globe! Stay in contact yeah? xoxo!

To Wayne,
Congrats on graduating! U're probably in Canberra now. I know u'll survive well in your workplace cus u're smart and you know the ropes around. i hope you eventually go to Singapore to work, so you can experience the wonderful city i'm from (instead of always saying korea is the best) and we can talk about Spore! & dont bully the korean guys at your workplace hor! oh and get an ausssssie girlfriendddddd soon! hahaha. do continue to fire spray those nasty bugs!!! All the best in your future endeavours! (:

To Yimin & Patsy,
 i know i'll never tell you guys all these this in your face, so here's a mean of writing it out. im not sure if you guys will ever read it, but mehhhhh.
No exact words can express how i feel. You guys are my life here in BM, without you guys, i'll probably be lost in ploughmans, lost in classes, lost outside. Im glad we became the "three sisters". haha. though we have our small disagreements at times, we were still together always. Im glad we stuck through thick & thin (: Hope you guys enjoy working together at hayman (WHICH IM TOTALLY JEALOUS OF) and we'll see each other back in campus yeah? dont you dare forget about me, i'll be crushed. haaaahaaaa. let's work hard in Year2, have lots of fun in our SINGLE ROOMS and get good placements once again, and i wish you guys all the best (:

To Blue Mountains,

Good to go! 3 luggages, 4 boxes, 1 shelf, 1 mirror. bye bye my dearest room, i'll miss you! 

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