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by - December 02, 2011

Its the first weekend of December! time for some updates! 

I attended the Degustation Dinner last thursday. its like a 7 course tasting meal, matched with 7 different wines for each course. it was an enjoyable event that i finally got to attend! last term, i was still in practical and i was working for this event while watching other people don on their best dress and suit, and turn up for the event. this year, thou art not jealous anymore. This year, the theme was Around The World, meaning u're supposed to dress according to your country colour, and the meals will be according to the different countries.  enjoy the photos! :)

Mr Choi

my table of eight. well, minus away glen-the-extra at the back

First Course- Asia: chinese plum wine with duck broth

Third course-Africa: fish paupiette w stuffed rice & okra

Fourth Course- North America: Southern Fried Chicken Tenderloins
and after this, it was break time. break from the 4 wines & mains we had.. sooooo, it means photo time! 

Special dish-Antartica; Lemon Sorbet

Sixth Course- Europe: Zucchini flower fritters stuffed w olives, bocconcini, served w aioli

menu of the night, together with the wine pairings :D

Seventh Course- Australia: Native herb encrusted kangeroo fillet in paperbark w roasted yam
and once again, break time! we finished all the mains, so time to rest, before we have our dessert! and not forgetting my fav, dessert wine! :D
Multi-Cultural photo!: myself (Singapore), Andri (Indonesia), Youngmin (Korean), Kenny (Brunei), Patsy (Canada)

Seventh Course-South America: Ice cream tile chilli chocolate fudge, banana cream, pineapple sorbet

special mentions to the f&b waiting staff and chefs. as usual chef richard is too shy. haha

at the end of this dinner, we were supposed to go back to our rooms and study for accounting quiz the next morning. BUT, we were all too tired and full from the wine and food that we gave up trying to study. haha!

so the week passed and we all had our presentations. boy was it a tough week, having different group meetings for different days. but all's good. managed to secure HighDistinction (HD) for my Business Communication , Distinction (D) for Management & Leadership and D for Marketing presentations! niceeeee, like the Ds and HDs. now, im left with my final exams and off i go to placement! so egggcited!
right, so the past thursday that i had, was another event of the school. it wasn't exactly for me to attend, it was Key Ceremony, its for graduates to receive their key from the school as a gift to signify they've graduated. i anw the whole school was invited to attend the event, and eat nice seafood. HAHA! enjoy the photos!

Lucinda aka Zhihui Neo. fellow singaporean, fellow TP-ian. she's from HTM.


Jono bridgeford!
Lucinda (Zhihui) and Andri

choi choi

the signature ice sculpture for every key ceremony. haha  "2011 BMIHMS"

Mark Rosetto and Jessica James.

Today, its a Saturday! went down to sydney city for apartment inspection. sighhh, both apartments didn't appeal to us at all. howwwwww! 1 week plus more to go before we have to leave school campus... anw, i started packing my luggage already, cus im gonna meet my parents right after i end my exams on monday(12/12), and i'll only be back at BM on the 14th. but school residence closes on the 14th, thus i have to move out early... which is before i meet my family on monday. 
so we spent an hour packing my wardrobe and everything into the luggage and boxes. gonna shift them to Kyu's (guy in bottom left in grey hoodie) house tomorrow.
thankkkkkyouuuuuuuu jky for helping me pack my clothes and luggage and box :D
gonna hunt for more houses on monday, and hopefully SOMETHING IS OF GOOD QUALITY!!! the price of rentals here in sydney CBD ain't cheap mannnn. the ones we went to inspect were $3200/month and $3000/month. sighhh, pleaseeeeee gimme a decent apartment to live in...
time for beddddd. goodnight all! :)

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