Sydney days

by - January 08, 2012

Hello everyone, sorry i took such a long break from updating my blog regularly. i hope i will have more time from now on to update my blog often. although i've moved in to my new apartment about a month back, i only got my internet a few days ago, which explains why we all had to survive on our iPhones only. haha.

anyway, life has been good so far. im currently working at InterContinental Sydney for my placement, staying in a lovely apartment in sydney CBD area called The Summit Apartments. (anyone who wants my address can contact me personally! :D ). am working hard at work, setting time aside to gym/swim at my apt's facilities, go out with tom and spend time doing nothing at home. haha. and for those who still dont know, i am recently attached. yes, i knw people will say things, but i was once told that i have to move on and let the present in. so here i am, with my korean bf hyeong seok choi (aka tom choi).

 Here's a little about him....
  • He's from my school; Year 2
  • He's 20years old
  • He's going to go back korea for army after he finishes his studies, which is in feb 2013
  • He's really funny and makes me happy

Besides that, my family actually came to visit a few weeks back. they arrived on the 8th of dec, which was a really bad time cus my final exams were on the 9th of dec. thus, i couldn't spend lots of time with them. luckily, when i finished my exams, i still had 2 days left to spend with them in sydney. 2 days does seem to be short, but when i was with my family, time felt like it had stopped at the moment. being away from home made me realize the importance of family ties and it made me want to treasure my family more. i miss them so much at times but i have to be here for my studies and future. i am so used to being the princess in the family, mom and dad bought everything for me, cared for my every need. after coming here, i learnt to do everything on my own, from getting an apartment to fixing up the modem and even cooking for my family (housemates) here. my mom told me that my dad was really upset when he heard that i had to care for everything myself; my housing rent, my work, my meals, my transportation etc and i had no family here for me. but its alright, i guess its part of learning to be independent. i even stopped taking allowance from my family for this 6 months cus i thought that since im working for my internship, i should be using my own money. it felt like i was planning for my future. earning your own salary, paying for house rent, utilities bills, groceries, entertainment expenses. everything felt real. im kinda glad that my parents sent me here to study, to be alone and independent. though i miss my friends and family members back in sg, i think staying here is a good idea. i might consider getting PR over here if im able to.
when my family left, i waved goodbye to them from the airport shuttle bus area and my parents cried. i hate goodbyes, its so heart wrenching. i dont know when will be the next time when i'll meet them again, probably after i graduate... but i know they are always right beside me (:
lovely chye family
moving on, its the 8th of jan today, which means its ONE DAY FROM MY 21ST BDAY!!!! this year's bday is gonna be so much different from the other years. especially my 21st, i was planning for sth special in sg, but i was flown here, so bye bye to bday in sg. im not expecting much for my bday cus my friends are not in sydney. just maybe a nice dinner? haha anyway, i just got my first bday gift from felix!
its a lovely pair of Swarovski earrings! i love it so much! wanted to get something like this, but i keep forgetting to buy. thankssss felix!

thats all for now. i shall go back and continue watching my korean tv shows. running man and we got married ftw!!!! hehehhe.

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