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So the journey of my twenty one birthday begins.....
it started on Sunday night, nearing midnight.. Tom suddenly came into the room and asked me to pick 3 cards out of 9. i cheated and forced him to open up all the cards and two of it were "cake cutting" and "neckalce???" Afterwards, he said nothing and walked out. At the strike of midnight, he asked me to go out to the living room. to my surprise, there stood a birthday cake!

Oreo chocolate cake!
the thought of "its just only a bday cake" might not surprise you, but to me, it meant something. Tom usually dont really celebrate his bday, so him preparing a surprise for me is a feat for him and something he doesn't do/hasn't done before. I rmb mentioning that i love surprises and oreo cheesecake, and this dear boy went to prepare a surprise for me and even hunted for oreo cheesecake! but too bad, there isn't any oreo cheesecake in sydney so he bought oreo chocolate cake instead, since i love both! ^^

After i had my cake cutting, i got a call from home in SG. my family bought my favourite cake at Four Leaves and presented to me over skype! They sang bday song for me and i blew out my candle virtually. hahaa how sweet of them! even 'sweeter' of them to eat my cake on behalf of me... o.O

my 2nd bday cake

candle blowinggggg time!
showing mom my gift from tom!

After hanging up with family, tom gave me my bday presenttttt. thankyouuuu jky!

lovely swarovski necklace and 2 pairs of earrings <3

not to forget, felix gave me my bday present earlier on that day. it was a pair of Swarovski earrings! im such a lucky girl on my 21st,receiving 2 Swarovski gifts from my loved ones.

 And also, thank you all my lovely friends who've mailed me bday gifts and cards! so sorry i couldn't get a photo of them cus i ripped it apart and placed them in diff places in my apt. hahaha!

Next day, Tom brought me to  Sydney Tower Restaurant for my birthday dinner. Some info about sydney tower, it is the tallest building in sydney (2nd tallest in Australia), it stands at 1,014ft tall and probably the only one that houses 2 revolving restaurants in this landmark.

 Since our booking was at 8pm, we had lots of spare time, so we headed to our favourite hang out place; Starbucks.. hahaha!

Dinner time! It was 8pm and all stores were closed. There was a separate functioning lift outside of Westfield shopping centre that brought us into L4 of Westfield mall. There, we gave our names at the reception desk, paid and got a receipt.  With that receipt, we gained access to the lift lobby. The lift is superfast! it brought us up all the way in approx 30secs and our ears were popping all the way.

Waited for our tables to be properly set up and we were brought to our window seat. its amazing how the city looks from high above. and this was taken at 8pm! sun setting was late that day. lucky us!
one of the window seats which we were seated at

the sofa lounge seats, with no direct window view. hehe
 Camwhore time was done,time to dig in!!! The food was alright, not SUPER fascinating,but abv average i would say. i expected more out of this fabulous restaurant. but nonetheless, our tummies were satisfied after the entire dinner (since it was buffet style)
seafood, cooked food, appetizers etc etc

Love the view+ photo

look at the view down! so amazing!

more desserts! yummmms!

SUPER FANTASTIC PHOTO!!! (minus away the refraction on the glass)

the super awesome lift

pardon my boyf, he's like this all the time....

necklace that tom gave me
 I love how our apartment is in the city, in that way we can walk to any of the nice spots around anytime. our favourite spot is sitting down at Darling Harbour, which is just around the block. After dinner ended, we headed there for a stroll and some relax time. its a nice place to chill out at. (:

 Once you get cold after sitting at the harbour for long, just stand up, walk 5 min and violaaaa you're home. i love the city :D & so that marks the end of my bday celebration. Ohyes, i forgot to mention that i didn't forget about partying on m bday! i went to Home nightclub for my party night and spent a bomb there on shotssssss! but it was really fun and worth it.

My twenty first wasn't as fancy as i planned it to be.. Initially, i wanted to spend my 21st on a yacht or at a suite in MBS in, but unfortunately i had to come Aus and all my plans were ruined. Im glad i had great company for that night and though it wasn't fancy and classy, it was close to the heart, something much more worthy. Im glad i have who i have; family, loved ones, friends who still keep in contact with me. I'll come back to visit when i can!!!! 

post-birthday girl signing off! till then!

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