boring days

by - January 20, 2012

HOLAAAA!!! so, work has been alright at Intercontinental, but its sooooo damn boring! Im in rooms service dept and duties include delivering food up, housekeeping glasses (collecting dirty glasses at BOH of each level and stock counting at each of the storerooms on each level), and minibar (polishing enough glasses to meet the par level on each floor and sending them up to the BOH storeroom and restocking minibars in late check out guest rooms).

okay, i think none of the above makes any sense to you guys.. ohwelllls. anyway, while working on tuesday, i came across Level 24, and apparently all of the rooms were undergoing maintenance or sth. so here's some photos to show u the insides of intercontinental. haha

i rmb this delivery i made to 2 indian guests.. 2 mini chivas bottle, 2 chivas shot and tonic water. & when i went to their room, they gave me old glasses to bring out.. inside those glasses are 2 full cups of chivas w tonic water. wth man, are they super alcoholic or what.. was so tempted to drink it down, but haha nahhh not gonna risk my internship. hahahaha

Ystdy, i received a parcel from my dearest bffs in Sg! awwwww, so sweeeet of them to post me a Hello Kitty Holga camera for my bday preset. Thank you lovelies!!!! i love it so much!!!! :D

Ohyes, another random note, i think my house is an alcoholic family. we drink alcohol all the time, at meals, after meals, off days etc etc. but its not too bad. i like my family, though all of them are koreans. hahaha. but living together brings us closer to each other. and in times of crisis (WATER FLOODING), these incidents bond us together. I like the eating dinner part together, it makes me feel like we're really a family, like how in SG, i eat my meals w my family at the dinner table (:

so anyway, we had ara and sue visiting our house and drinking together, since they brought a carton of beer, chips, bbq chicken & lots more. my house has korean visitors all the time, hahaha.

its so boring that i have heaps of off days, and nothing to do on these days. another boring day today. looking forward to sunday! pauline dinggggg is coming to sydney again, and we're gonna have reunion dinner steamboat ourselves! since we cant be with our families for reunion dinner, we shall have it ourselves. heh heh!

till then,
happy chinese new year to all! (:

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