by - January 30, 2012

hope y'all got to collect heaps of red packets!

this year's CNY feels so different, no bai nian with family, no dressing up and no mandarins. :( but nevertheless, my family didn't forget about me. i got to skype with both sides of family when they were bainian-ing. haha! Netty skyped with me on her phone and showed me how crowded tampines was. wow, so many relatives from my indonesian family came over this year. why come over when im already gone :( and my xiaoshen skyped with me when everyone was at granny's place. so nice to see everyone on CNY. i even wore my red TEAM TEMASEK shirt when i skyped with them. hahahaha!
i miss home!

Although i didn't get to celebrate CNY with my family, i got to have reunion dinner with ms ding and tommy! its a blessing in disguise for me when i heard that pauline has flight to sydney on 21st Jan. I met her in the afternoon for gym session at Hilton Hotel. it was really good,the facilities were top notch and we had a good session. Swimming and sauna session next time when she comes here again. heh.

then went back to our individual homes to shower and get ready. luckily my apartment is just 10mins away from Hilton. Met up at 8pm and headed to chinatown for hotpot! its the closest to steamboat, something most families would eat during reunion dinner (:
settled for sichuan restaurant and went in! food was alrightttttt,not really fantastic but it was passable. we thought of ordering more after we've finished our first round, but we were sooooo full that we couldn't even order anymore. haha. photooooos nao!

starting round of dishes


 after dinner, we walked down and came across this realllllly huge dragon door. we can resist some silly photos after seeing that.

after dinner, we decided to head over to Darling Harbour for some fresh air and some night strolling. Came across Guylian cafe and dearest pauline gave us a treat! I've always loved Guylian chocolates, their signature being the shell chocolates, something which my mom adores as well.
back in SG, there wasn't any Guylian cafes, but here in Aus, theres 3 such cafes! & they serve such lovely belgium chocolate treats!

 Cafe interiors
cake ranges
chocolate range
not forgetting hot/cold chocolate/coffee range

If you were to know me, you'll know that my ultimate weakness is chocolate. i just cant get enough of chocolate or anything related to chocolate. Fell in love immediately with this cafe when i set foot in. :B

we ordered ice chocolate, raspberry belgium hazelnut cheesecake & waffle w their signature icecream (in hazelnut colour). boy was it super nice! 
overall, i would rank the ice chocolate #1! 

time to tuck in!

That's all for my reunion dinner!
till then, 

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