Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Crazy weekend!

The past week has been an amazing week! there were so many things going on and it was fun! On friday, ryan kim came over to our place right after he's touched down from korea. he's from the school as well, but never met him before cus we're different batches. Got t know him on that day, friendly guy, slightly annoying/retarded. HAHAHA!
anyway, kyu went out for dinner and brought zuii back! zuii's from the school as well, but i dont really know her cus we're diff intakes but we know who each other was. everyone started drinking in the house cus they bought drinks when they came to our house. 4 bottles of soju and 1 box of beer. our fridge was like empty prior their visit, but after they came, it was filled with beer ONLY. hahahaha! zuii was supposed to meet shin & co for clubbing at the club right below my apartment, and she persuaded me to go. so after drinking, we got ready tgt to go club. 



Koreans, Hongkee, Singaporean! LOL

Hunk spotted at the back! HAHAHAHA!
here comes the funny part. we had heaps of jaggerbomb and everyone was intoxicated, and shin had zuii's phone. shin said she was going home with ashley to change their shoes and come back again. Na, myself and zuii were waiting outside Cheers for shin & ashley to be back but they didn't come back after idk how long. so we called shin and no one answered. we thought she was so drunk she fell asleep on her bed, so i brought the girls home. zuii and i changed into slacks and shin posted on my fb timeline saying she's inside cheers. the next thing we knew, we were going back to cheers IN OUR SLACKS AND SLIPPERS! hahahahahaa! surprisingly, we got in. i think the bouncer knows who we are. lollllll. and everyone in the club were like staring at us in amaze. one guy even talked to me saying "hey u look really sporty" and he went on saying how he is #250 in the world for squash. blaaa blaaa blaaaaa.

team temasek! and FDM course tee! hahaha

after the club ended, everyone came back to my house and made hell lots of noise. finally, everyone except zuii left at 5am and we went to sleep. hahaha.

Next morning, zuii woke me up at 10am. we went out for brunch, some shopping and went home for a swim. god knows why. sudden impulse. hahahah! shin was calling us crazy, fancy swimming with a hangover.

feel so good after a swim, tho the water was freeeezing cold!

came home, kyu cooked dinner cus emily jin & rachel was paying a visit to our humble little house. had dinner tgt, and zuii wanted to drink again, so the boys went out to buy box wine and beer. i love drinking at home, cus it bonds everyone tgt, and we always have jokes with our drinking games. hahaha. suddenly, emily said she wanted to go club. and she persuaded all the girls to go. ROUND 2 AGAIN!!!! everyone went to my room to dress up, and emily wore my clothes. HAHAHAH! headed down to club, called shin and forced her to come down as well.

myself, zuii, emily, susan

HAHAHAHA! lame bouncer. 

spot my clothes on emily. LOL

After club ended, everyone came to my house (as usual). at this point of time, everyone was drunkkkkk. we drank so many diff mixture of alcohol; wine, beer, jaggerbomb. what happened after this was super hilarious, but i couldn't rmb anything. apparently, after reaching home, everyone except susan went out again to buy some food to eat. we went to this kebab store near shin's place to have some kebab. according to the girls, i was staring at my kebab and saying "kebab is not cooperating with me". the girls burst out laughing while i was talking to my kebab. cus it kept dropping and i was so pissed. hahaha! moments later, i spewed, and i vividly rmb myself saying "oh i can taste and feel the lettuce coming out in my mouth, in a whole piece cause i haven't digested my kebab yet" 
okay i know its gross. but i find it really funny. hahaha. shin bought me candy afterwards andddddd something fucking sick happened. okay anw, we went home, got changed and went to bed. which i had no memory of. 

i woke up next morning in my PJs, and i asked zuii how did i get into them? she called shin and both of them started filling in the blanks to all my questions. LOL. it was a funny night.
after everything, time for super late lunch. went for sushi & sashimi meal with zuii nearby. yummmmy! great way to cure a hangover. hahaha!

that marks the end of my awesome weekend. everyone has gone home and the house is soooooo quiet now. hahahaha! i wonder if  the same thing is going to happen this weekend again.. hmmmm, we shall see. i love my girls!!! heh! :D