bye bye aussssssieeee, hello singapore!

by - March 13, 2012

HOLAAAAA!!! this will be my last post before i leave for singapore tomorrow morning. Enjoy everyone! I'LL SEE YOU AUSSIE IN JULY!!!!!

Bamboo's Grand Opening
Last last saturday, it was Bamboo's grand opening. Bamboo is a club event happening every saturday night. Since it was the launch, the girls from the model competition were invited to the event as well. We got plus ones, VIP area and at the same time, we had lotsa media attention as we had to mingle with the crowd and give them stickers to vote for us online. haha. it was quite a fun night. all of the girls were trying their best to shout in the club. i even met a group of malaysians! they were like hell yeah, we're gonna vote for you, we're neighbours! throughout the night, whenever i see them in the club, we would high 5. haha how cute! anw so here's some photos of the night..

Kevin, Zuii, Myself, Emily & Ernest. guys we met that night who turned out to be even closer to us than we thought..
my lovely girls (:

Whitney! fellow competition girl

Lulu! fellow competition girl too (:

Anyway, i have since withdrawn myself from the competition as i cant commit to it anymore since im coming back to SG. so best of luck to all the girls! i hope to see you guys famous in Asia-Australia one day!

Last Thursday

i had a dinner date with zuiiiiii! however, it'll be the last one that im having with her, until July. :( awwww! but its alright, we'll still keep in touch via Whatsapp yeah? dont miss me too much babe!

We had quite alot to drink! 1 bottole of plum wine, 2 bottles of soju, 1 jug of beer, and misc drinks. and since it was a thursday, zuii suggested going to Cheers club to support Yeol's first night of dj. Ryan Kim came down to Milliore to meet us first, had a glass of soju and we all left for Cheers!

There wasn't plenty of ppl in Cheers that night cus its Korean night on thurs at cheers. but ohwells, we went there for Yeol!  When i first stepped in Cheers, my heels broke! IM SO FUCKING UPSET! i've only worn that pair for once? luckily i stay just next to the club, so i went back to change and came out again!


The day before, he went in for an interview. He spin for 20min and got hired on the spot, and played the very next day. AWEEEESUMMMMMM!!!

random dentist guys we met that night! LOL


I spent the entire friday packing my luggage if im not wrong? and waited for Emily to come over my apartment to do some paper work to move in straight after i leave. In the midst of the day, tom brought me out to somewhere at Pirrama Road (behind The Star Casino) to take a walk and explore. hahahahaa. we ended up taking lots of failed jump shots and got scorched under the sun. LOL.

okay so right, we decided to take jump shots at this location and tom was telling me how to jump his way, like kicking both legs forward. i tried to do which i failed miserably, and in the midst, my slipper even flew off! HAHAHA! when tom saw the photos, he was like "omg are u a soccer player? why your muscles look like theirs?!?!"


badddd example for the kid beside us. tsktsk! bad grown up man here trying to swing as far as he can... reminisce of his childhood in korea....


We finally got a day to ourselves! *hip horray* Since he has never been to Bondi, due to bad weather, laziness etc, we decided to take the opportunity this day and go! it was a goooood sunny weather, but it turned cold and cloudy afterwards... :/

After dinner, we went home to wash up, get changed, rest for a little while and headed out to Darling Harbour for dinner! actually we were going for steak, but we came across Nok Nok Thai Restaurant, and decided to give it a try! since u can get steak almost ANYWHERE in aus. hahaha!

grilled pork neck

chicken padthai

my greeeen curry!
 After dinner, we went for a stroll, and coincidentally, it was 9pm! Every saturday at 930pm there's fireworks display at darling harbour! the ones that i see/hear from my apartment every saturday. this time, i finally got the chance to sit down and see it explode over my head! When we were there at 930pm, there were SOOOOO MANY PEOPLE seated on the steps already! we found a spot for ourselves and enjoyed the fireworks display.

Sunday was spent packing luggage and finalising everything.

had a short meetup with my girls from intercon! had sushi and starbucks, and lotssssss of catchup about work & life. then we caught the movie, Project X! it was quite hilarious, how the small bday party got soooo big it ended up being charged in court.
It was a good day to meet my girls. all the best to you girls in school, work, play! hahaha!

Walked to broadway and met MEEELLLLYYY!!! haven't seen her ever since she came back from harvard. noooo! why are u going back to states next year! had dinner at Nandos and caught up so much with each other! MELLLYYY IM SO JEALOUS OF YOU!!! hahahaha!

i loveeee catchups with friends! its so much fun! we should do it soon melly! when im back from SG!
i'll buy u sand bag next time okay! *wink wink*

& finally, today! met up with Lulu (from model competition) and i brought her to eat singaporean food. we had laksa! hahahaha i love bringing people to eat the singaporean dishes. #sopatriotic
Lol, anyway met felix, sherly and andri for a short catchup afterwards since they were in the area. cant wait to go back school in July and have so much fun!

teeheee! and so, today will be the last day im in australia. gonna go sleep at 830pm later, and wake up at 4am cus i gotta be at the airport at 515am. bye bye aussssie & my friends, i will miss you. seeyou again in july. HELLO SINGAPORE, i've misssed you! can't wait to meet all my Sg friends again!


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