first week back in SG :)

by - March 24, 2012

A warm (literally warm for the warm weather!) welcome to my dearest readers, im back on the little red dot. & i swear the heat in SG is killing me so badly!

anyway, life back in Sg has been really good so far. Managed to meet up with my friends almost EVERY SINGLE DAY! well, im taking the time to do all the meetups first before i start work. I haven't blogged for a week or so as i was reaaaaaalllyyy busy, busy going out everyday! haha now i shall fill you guys with my daily activities! :D

14th March- Wed!
i touched down on this day and my dearest neighbours, Vincent & Mel tan came to fetch me at the airport. My flight was delayed for like an hour so poor them waited >1hr for me at the arrival gates. im so sorry guys! since my mom was there already, i passed her all my luggages and went with the boys for a small meal and catchup. The both of them then headed to casino (i think?) and i met my family for dinner at the airport. Feels good to be back home, and smell my nice house and room! hahha!

15th March- Thurs!
Right next day, met up with peishan for dinner at Ion and the rest for clubbing at Avalon. my first time at Avalon, and it was ladies night! they had hairstyling, makeup, manicure, massage, tarot card reading pampering session for all the ladies! Well, we couldn't say no. :D

cindy & i having our hair done!


playful bartenders!


super high xinyi! <3

16th March-Fri!
time to head back to my 2nd home, WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA!!! met up with josiah for flowriding session at wavehouse! thanks sean for the islander pass and 1-for-1 flow riding voucher! i owe you one! it was a good 2hrs session ,feels good to be back in contact with the water. aft riding, we went out to the sea for some paddling with the huge paddle boards that wavehouse has. paddled out into the sea, laid there under the sun, listening to the waves & talked about our lives. niceeeeeeeee! 
then, i had dinner with my besties at Timbre art house. seriously, next time, dont EVER go to art house for Timbre. service is so goddamn lousy! i never got the sauces i asked for, and it took them 30min to settle our bill >:[


favvvvvv duck pizza!

paddy & dork! unfortunately, didnt get any photos w mui :(

dinner was done pretty quick and all of us went back straight after cus of different commitments. but its alright, im sure we'll get another chance to meet up again to go out or sth :)

17 March- Sat!
was supposed to head to Angie's 21st, butttttttttt the session was postponed to a much later time and i couldn't make it cus of other pre-arranged appointment. Sorry angie! hope you had a wonderful 21st bday party :)
Met up wit jianhuang for dinner at Medz @Orchard Central! that place is comparable to Marche style, but maybe it doesn't have that extensive range of food as Marche. but nonetheless, i got to eat my rosti which is GOOOOOOD! :> After dinner, jh was supposed to drop by his friend's 20th bday at Zirca, but we happened to bump into the bday boy at OC! hahahaha! headed down to clarke quay next for shisha & a little drinking.

We came up with an idea of choosing a drink for the other person. I kindly chose B52 for jianhuang cus its like coffee liqueurs, which is nicer to down. BUT! that asshole got me Blue Cocaine, which consists of Vodka, Barcardi 151 & sth else. extremely lethal plssssssss!  

luckily i got a chocolate martini afterwards! ^^

wonder who taught him the technique to tie a knot w his tongue. im pretty sure he learnt it somewhere!

OH, and we bumped into Joey & Eloise at CQ as well! HOW COINCIDENTAL TO SEE THE COUPLE AT CQ!!!! nice joey gave jh and i a lift home in the end! teehee!

18th March- Sun!
my family popped by my granny's house for a surprise visit as she didn't knew i was back! heeeeheee #sneakyme 
granny was lying on the bed listening to music when i came in. she couldn't recognize me, thought i was another cousin. hahaha. stayed there for some time, mom helped her to make Mi Jiu Ji (chicken with red stuff on in, soaked in XO and fermented rice wine). yummy! and yes i've been eating this dish since i was a kid. hahaha XO in my body since young!
after visit at gran's, mom and i went shopppping!

19th March- Mon!
this time, it was back to my another 2nd home, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE! recalled how i used to work there almost everyday, having heaps of fun escorting performers on set, taking photos for guests. so much fun! this day, cindy, linhui, peishan and i went to USS as guests! the 3 of us (except peishan) worked there and it was nice to go in as a guest, and play around! teeeheee

Transformers was the latest addition to USS, and i was dying to take photos w bumblebee & take the transformer 3D ride! it was soooooo damn awesome!!!! the action and graphics were seriously VERY REAL! well, its 3D so obviously it seemed real. haha BUT ITS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOD!!! 

It was a really good day spent at USS, though all of us were dead beat at the end of the day. im surprised/touched that the old escorts and performers still remembers me! when i saw them on set, i would say hi to them and they would go like how's australia!!! feels so good to be back! :)
<3 USS! 

20th March- Tues
went down to the restaurant that im going to be working at, met all the partners and everyone. nice team :) After that, i met up with Isaiah at Plaza Sing & caught the movie Act of Valor. really nice movie, its all about Navy Seals. i have a thing for army/war movies, i really love to watch them! like Guardian, Pearl Harbour etc! i find them really really interesting and nice to watch! haha weird me. walked to town, catching up with each other, and i met mom at town for dinner :D

21st March- Wed
went down to restaurant to learn how to use the POS system and help out a little decorations and all. Then, headed down back to Temasek Poly to join my triathlon team for swim training! BUT IT RAINED THAT DAY, so i didn't get to swim w my team :(

Prissy, Tania, Sarah,Dawn, Huiting, Pearlyn, my beloved tri girls! missed y'all sooo sooo sooo much! :)

awesome tri team girls!

prissy's squashed pet lizard....
had dinner at Tamp One with team and i swear we girls are seriously #likkaboss ! there was 2 big round tables side by side, but there was this longchamp bag sitting on one of the seats. at first we were like, okay lets just sit down with this person. then after awhile we decided nahhh, lets just move her bag to the next table and we'll just take her table to ourselves. LOL! and so we did. but we never got to find out who's bag was that cus by the time i got back from buying my food, the bag was goneeeeeeeeeeeeeee. haha!

22th March- Thurs
met up with glenda, my bestfriend of 10years. hahah. headed down to town for shopping! & we met yi liang, my childhood friend & glenda's bf, for lunch at canaele. hahaha!

I must say, they make the best salads ever! i never really liked salads but i really like canele's caesar salad! 

Yi liang left after lunch as he had appointment with his clients so glenda and i went around wondering in town. we ended up watching a movie at cineleisure, and we had to choose Woman in Black as it was the earliest timing. BAD BAD CHOICE. both of us cant watch ghost/horror movie but we had to choose that. halfway through the movie, we decided to take out our earphones and listen to music while watching the movie so we wouldn't feel so scared. HAHAHA! i know its hilarious of us to do that.... but welll, we were afraid! 
both of us headed back home after movie, glenda had to give tuition and mom was waiting with dinner for me at home. :)

23rd March- Fri!
stayed at home and watched Pretty Little Liars until mom called me. She wanted to meet me at town to shop a little before i head out to meet jianhuang for gym. We went to OG at Orchard point to shop for her stuff. we ended up buying 3 bottles of honey, and a HUGEEEEE hush puppies luggage for me. hahahahhaa! it was even bigger than the grey one that i brought home from Aus. Dad wasn't free to fetch mom so we had to take the train back. Since mom's really small size and carrying a big luggage would make her look weird, so she asked me to take the train back with her. Then, we decided to take the train down to Outram Park, and i carried the luggage on the train towards Hougang, find mom a nice corner seat and i hopped out of the train cus i was gonna be late! but anw mom met bro at hg station and he helped her bring the luggage home. heh! 
so anyway, it was a free week for everyone at fitness first gym and i decided to go down and workout with jianhuang since he works there. went for a swim at the gym cus i left my running shoes in Aus.. -.- jh's friends came to join us afterwards and we had dinner tgt at xin wang cafe @siglap. 

and for today, was supposed to join my triathlon team at sentosa for camp and biathlon but i couldn't make it last min. mom wants me to spend time at home and we're going to visit my granny over this weekend. so yeaaaaaaaaa, sorry tri team! :(

that's all for my update! im gonna try to update my blog frequently so i dont have to do massive postings at one go.. T.T 
have a good week ahead everyone! xx

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