by - March 28, 2012

Have any of you had weird dreams and yet you still remember it vividly after you've woken up? yes i do, in fact i had a really weird dream recently comprising of Zuii (aus friend), Edward Cullen, Voldemort, Jiaying (my FDM coursemate), Sauyan (my pri sch friend), Gina (my uss lead escort). TELL ME HOW WEIRD IS THIS DREAM!!!! anyway i shan't blog about my dream cus its soooo long. but tell me if u had any weirder dreams than me, i'd love to hear! hahaa

okay besides dreaming, and sleeping which i've been doing quite often lately, i take my free time to do some baking, when im not meeting up with my friends. Recently, i tried dork's recipe and i made Oreeeeeooo cheesecake! Oreo cheesecake is like my ultimate fav cheesecake in the world. tell me, who doesnt like it! hahaha. since it was my first time making it, i would say its quite very successful! apart from the fact that i added a little too much gelatine. but nonetheless, mom said its tasty!

fresh out~!

amount of cheesecake i made

baking is quite fun. i like to bake and anticipate the outcome. never knew i'd like baking so much. I rmb i made macaroons during my kitchen practical in school. Chef Muzz was so happy with me! teeeehee! 
im gonna bake another batch of cheesecake soon! and mom requested for me to bake a TIN of cookies cus i've been baking lots of cookies in my sydney house. hohoho! wow, request forms coming in now. hahahaha! i likeeeeeeeee!

yesterday i had a really packed but fulfilling day! met up with rebecca ang and lukas, who are two fellow singaporeans going to my school at Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School !! rebecca is from TP, so i've seen her before, but not for lukas. it was my first time meeting lukas ytd. we had lunch at Ion and talked about school. i was basically telling them everything about school, what to do, what to expect etc etc. Went for a walk around town and i left at 3pm for my hair appointment.

Headed down to tampines and had my hair done a Ryouta, this hair saloon opposite TP. glenda introduced me to that saloon cus she's been going there for the past 5 years. Wayne is extremely nice and patient as we went through with the hair style i wanted or what suited me most. he suggested for me to snip my hair short so as to create a more bouncy feel, and to get my hair to look thick. As for my fringe, since im sick of side parting, he suggested me to keep my fringe long for centre parting. so here we go, snip snip snip. 

TADAAAA, end product. to some, especially guys, they will think that there's no difference. but to girls, THERE'S A WHOLE LOT OF DIFFERENCE!!! my hair is like 4-5cm shorter and i cant comb my fingers through it for long.. but its okay my hair will grow back. hahaa.

Later that night, i managed to meet junru and jess for supper at kovan! its been soooo long since  i last met them. caught up with one another over tauhuay, and we went over to juju's house for awhile. we met at 1045pm(?), and we chatted all the way till 1am! time flies! ahhh i really wanna go overseas with them! :/

and as for today, i've nothing to do in the way, but im meeting Taili at night for dinner. been way tooo long since i last met taili. I still rmb how we would study for O's together, and he & friends crashed my after prom party. lol. those daysssssss. hmm should i bake some cookies now or should i just relax and do nothing in this rainy day? lets think about it! 

Till then,

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