Xiangluan's 21st bday!

by - April 03, 2012

hooolaaaa dearest readers, hope your week has been going smoothly! 
my week is going to be tough, and so are the following weeks and months to come. I've started working for my remaining internship at a small decent french mix modern western cuisine restaurant. Our name is Saveur, maybe some of you guys at the east area would have heard of us, as we were previously located at Alibaba eating house. 
Now, we have a shop of our own. Do drop by and join us for Lunch (12-3pm) and Dinner (6-930pm).We are located at 5 Purvis Street #01-04 (Opp national library)
i'll be working 6 days a week (11am-1030pm) over here, so if you wanna catch me working, you know where to look for me! hahaha. 

Besides work, i'd still try to have some time for family and friends, though 1 off day is certainly not enough. I was really glad that i could make it to Xiangluan's 21st bday.

 This awesome girl of mine got into NUS Dentistry, making her the first ever Temasek Poly student to get into dentistry without a background. She used to study Vet Tech in TP, but now im sure she's on her road to bigger things now. I still remember how we were both Marketing Managers at Sports Club in TP, and cracking our heads day and night for new ideas, new games, new strategies, new sponsors for our dear projects BONKERS. Those days when we stayed in clubroom till the latest, stayover at each other's house to do this project, got sooooooo close, suffered tgt, enjoyed tgt had lots of fun together. Thank you for being there for me through the ups and downs. We've been through alot, but thats what makes us a stronger person. I hope you'll find happiness and joy in your future man, and in the career you're pursuing. You're the best Avelyn Chen Xiangluan! 
Happy 21st! <3 <3 <3

Dearest birthday girl

I met Wilson in the afternoon prior to going xiangluan's birthday. Since we met early, we decided to head for a movie. Caught Wrath of Titans at plaza sing! i thought it wasn't going to be a nice movie cus im not really a fan of titans-bla-blaaa, but surprisingly it was really nice and i really enjoyed myself :) after movie, we went for present hunting and decided to get her a nice organizer. I know xiangluan always carry an organizer around cus she has god-knows-how-many-things-going-on and she can be quite forgetful. hahaa hopefully this organizer will help her remember her appointments. So we started to head down to her birthday location, which was at Temasek Club. the nearest train station is one-north station, after which u gotta cab in. boy was it hard to locate the place,but it was all worth it. The Outpost @ Temasek Club was a really nice condusive place for parties, gatherings and whatsnot. Xl had a buffet ready for us, free flow of beer and i think she got bar tab for cocktails as well. wow wow, im sure at the end of the day, her bar tab is gonna be realllll hefty!
Wilson! best pal in sports club :)

wilson's lychee martini and my sex on a beach
Serena! <3

half of sports club committee!

It was a good catch up with everyone at the party. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as i did. :)

I hope i do get time off from work to spend time with friends and family, but sigh i think 1 day is the max. hahaha. here's an insight to my upcoming events/bdays to attend, which i really hope i get a chance to do so!!

5 April- Glenda's design show @ Vivocity
7 April- Girls night out @ Wavehouse
7 April- Watersports BBQ @ TP
20 April- Dork's 21st bday 
21 April- Xinyidrella's 21st bday @ The Fullerton Hotel
25 May- Sean Aaron's 21st @Aloha Changi

*cross fingers i get my off days*
i shall go watch 2 episodes of Jersey Shore and start preparing for work later.
Take care everyone, dont get caught in the rain! 

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