by - April 17, 2012

Phewwww, its been almost 2 weeks since i last blogged. Im sorry i neglected you dearest blog. But well, i've been working super hard lately, 6 days a week, 12hrs each day. :)

Recently, i managed to dig up time to go for Wavehouse's Girls Night Out event! i've always been hearing about GNO but never gotten a chance to participate, maybe bcos i was still a staff at wavehouse then. haha! this time round, i managed to attend the event, together with the lovely company of diana. :>

nice dry photo of us first before we went on the barrel

Joe! My boss at wavehouse, super funny but annoying dude!

when we were done with riding and washing up, i bumped into Shikai at wavehouse! never would i think he'd be here. hahaha! so anyway, hello to you, haven't seen you in ages ages ages!

Shikai :)

Last wednesday and Thursday, i was given pm shift at work, so i spent the day hanging out with Josiah. we went shopping at Ion, far east, Taka etc. it was a fruitful day, i bought clothes!

Lunch at Aoba
 He insisted that TWG's macaroons were way better than any other places, so he got us 24pcs to bite on. well, i must say, for once chocolate isn't my fav on this list, it was passionfruit that won!

headed to work after that and everyone at work were like come come lets see what u bought so we can feel happy too. hahahaa! so cuteeeeeeeeee. 

The next day, Thursday, i was supposed to meet Kori for high tea, but that idiot overslept. so i ended up wavehouse with josiah. yayyyy! love wavehouse every single moment. i managed to ride without the rope and come out successfully from the barrel a few times. OHHHHYEAAAA GOOD JOB!!  *pats on shoulder*

 as you can see, wiping out is not my favourite time on the barrel, its like being in a washing machine. which explains all the bruises and cuts i have on my body after riding barrel. >:[
wipeout time!

It was about 230pm when we were done with our 2hrs of riding. the sun was out shining nice and bright, so we went for some suntanning to get my tan back! whoopwhoop!
Jo and i after barrel session

i had these bite size marks on my elbow and i really wonder how i got it in the first place. hmm secret monster hiding out in the barrel!

 had late lunch, showered and went off to workkkkk! 
buggy ride!

Work has been tiring, but good at the same time. i really love the team of people im working with. You know how sometimes when you dread to go to work and you literally have to drag yourself there? well, i didn't have to drag myself to work everyday. even though its physically tiring, i enjoy the company i have there at work and time flies. i like having family at work :)

Recently, i sustained an injury at work! :[ pulled my back muscle! visited the doc and he gave me some really strong medication and cream. he says if i dont get well within the week, i'll have to go back for x-ray and physiotherapy, maybe even op! noooooo. but the medication is really strong on me. 1hr after taking it, i'll feel super dizzy and groggy, and i'll fall asleep straight away. i googled it, and it says its used to treat painful muscle spasm and Parkinson's disease. ooookaaaaaaayyyyy. scary much! anyway, i hope that i'll recover soon! :)

that's all for now! i'll have more to update over the weekend cus i've got a whole lot of activities lined up! 
Friday: Dork's bday at uss+rws stay, Xinyi's bday at Fullerton
Sat: Dad's bday celebration, Dom's bday celebration at night

Keep safe everyone!

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