Saturday, May 05, 2012

Bits of April and May :)

For the past one month, it has been a crazy filled month for me. i've been working hard, which explains the lack of my presence on this beloved blog. but dont worry my dearest readers, i wont abandon my lovely space. i'll update it as and when i have the time to :)

On the 20th and 21st of April, i took leave from work and celebrated the birthdays of 2 special girls. the first one was my dearest BFF, dorcas neo, and the second one was my angelic girl, xinyidrella sng! :)

I spent the entire day (well technically half a day) at USS with paddy & dork, conquering all the rides we could and taking as many photos as we could as well! It was really fun coming to USS with my clique, something we've not done tgt before. hahahaa! but unfortunately, our day ended when dork took BattleStar Galatica. she was still nauseous after the ride and didn't feel good so we headed back to the hotel room :)

Got ourselves checked in to the hotel at RWS's newly opened resort hotel, Equarius Hotel! right after we checked in, we started exploring the room, even getting totally noobed at the stupid blinds at the toilet (ROFL). & who can resist jumping off and on the super bouncy comfy bedddddd?!! well, not us! hahah

After goofing around, and taking heaps of unglam photos (which i promised i wouldn't upload), we took turns to shower and wash up and prepare for our dinner. Paddy and i actually got mui (aka lynette low) to head to Kudeta first to drop the birthday cake off then meet us again. but sigh Kudeta is such a let down. nonetheless, we enjoyed ourselves through dinner and the company of one another. yay!

lover girls! :)
 Since Kudeta's service was soooooo goddamn slow, i arrived super late at xinyi's party. omgosh im like so damn sorry! cabbed down and burst straight into Fullerton Hotel. I rushed to the reception and told the manager "i really need to get to level 8, suite xxx. its my friend's 21st bday and she's gonna cut the cake soon. can u pretty please bring me up?" Maybe i was looking flustered and really in distress, the manager brought me up. TADAAAA, POWER OF GIRLS! so i made it in time for xy's photo taking session! though it was a short time over there, i managed to meet up with quite some people, and even Haikel's classmate, stephanie, whom i had just befriended on the spot during photo taking! haha. world is so smaaaaaallllllll!
Happy Birthday dearest princess xinyidrella! :)
 Cindy & co left rather abruptly due to some incident that happened earlier and i left with them as well. haha. felt so sorry to xinyi cus i just arrived and i had to leave already :/
anw i made my way to butter factory to wait for clique to arrive. along the way, i got soooo goddamn lost at Raffles Quay, yes i got so damn lost cus of the bloody directions on the google map when butter is just OPPOSITE Fullerton. sigh, dont remind me of the heart wrenching 10bucks i had to pay for cab to get my ass to butter.

but anyway! clique and i had a really good time at butter. it was our first time clubbing together as a whole! haha, well minus away mui who went back to mug for her finals. :(
thanks to Tinc, who was the DJ that night, i got guestlist and we didnt need to pay cover charge. yay!

we had a rather short night at butter cus our heels were killing us, and we didn't really wanna waste the night at our RWS hotel. hehe! but anw the time we spent there was good enough. :)

headed back to hotel, was deciding whether to go for an illegal dip in the pool, but decided not to cus not everyone brought swim wear. haha. so we washed up and watched national geographic as we fall asleep on the big nice comfy bed.

Next day, we decided to be boisterous and stomped in to the breakfast hall at the last 15min with vouchers for 2 only (there were 3 of us btw) and ate our fill before leaving the hotel. heh heh!

went home, washed up and went out again to celebrate my dad's birthday as well. haha, well i dont have photos here..... but im sure u can imagine the typical family dinner at a restaurant 
*visualizing* ......

i had my off day, and decided to spend it to do what i do best! 

met cindy at MBS with linhui & her family,waited for them to finish lunch and the both of us headed up to the sky park pool to suntan. Thank God answered my prayers for sun and there was bright sunny sun shining on us as we decked ourselves onto the tanning chairs and start camwhoring. Good ol' days hanging out with cindytanzinger, laughing at ridiculous things and just being US! :)

Spent a good 2hrs at MBS baking ourselves, before moving on to our next location; WAVEHOUSE SENTOSA!!!!! i decided to bring cindy there cus it has always been my 2nd home and i really wanted her to have a look at it and try it out. since she's willing to try, we booked our rides at 430pm! yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy! camwhored a little before our ride started!

quite sadly, there wasn't any sun at all! but rather fortunately, we met a new friend named Wen Siong while playing rider. he saw that i was talking to almost everyone at wavehouse so he figured i used to work here, and we started talking while waiting for our turns.

well, i must say cindy is not too bad for a first timer! and myself on the other hand, is getting worse and worse :( :( :( :( :(

ON HER OWN!!! for a mere 1 second. hahahahaha!

Since Wen Siong still had time to spare, he fetched us to our dim sum restaurant at Jln Besar. awwwww! and so, cindy and i had a feassssst of 8 dishes! reminded us so much of our hk trip during  Nov'11 where we ate so much dimsum everyday that we grew sick of it! hahahahaha!

after dim sum dinner, i got back home and got a second round of dinner cus my mom has already prepared..... hmmmmm, imagine how bloated i was. and to top it off, i had DURIANSSSSSS afterwards at like 11pm. hohohoho imma fattygirl now! :B

june is looking good for me now! i cant wait for tom to come sg from 7th-12th june, and also, I FREAKINGGGG CANNOT WAIT FOR BKK TRIP WITH CINDY FROM 13-TH-17TH JUNE!!!!!!! omggggg BKK im cominggggg!!! shopping, partying, eating, massage, relax etccccccc! 


till then,