Friday, May 11, 2012

rejoice on off days!

once again, it's my off day! this day, i decided to fully utilize it by meeting 2 different people in the same day! yay!  first person i met up with is someone that i see every single day at work.... Chef E.. oh boyyyyy, seeing her make pasta everyday makes me feel like eating pasta infront of her just to piss her off. hahahahhaa! but anw, we met up in the day, had lunch at Wild Honey @ Madarin Gallery! yummmmzzzz!

her cute skinny latte

my awesome Californian ^^

went shopping around, didn't really get clothes cus i guess it wasn't the right season. decided to go on a hunt for beauty products. hahahhaha! poor elaine, she had to follow me all around town to get/ask for my beauty & makeup products! i bought this Shu Umera cleansing oil that works as a makeup remover, and it cost me $55! i just used it and its pretty awesome! gets rid of the eyeliner easily! :)  i just hope that i'll still be able to get it at Aus when i run out of it......

im currently considering to change my entire range of cleansing/moisturizing/whatever to the Kose range now. but if im gonna get it, im gonna get the entire range from facial wash to spots serum, which would probably cost me 300bucks or more? hmmm, shouldddddd i go ahead with the change????
okay, so after shopping around for beauty products, we decided to settle down for a drink. headed to Emerald Hill, Outdoors pub for a drink. not a bad place afterall! we ended up with 2 pints of erdinger each after talking for close to 3hrs! mygoshhh, i really wonder what were we talking about that made time flyyyyyyyyyyy so fast! hmmmmzzzzz.

so 7pm came and i had to go off to meet dork, and so did elaine leave to meet her friend afterwards.walked over to Mandarin Gallery AGAIN, but this time to dine at Antoinette with dorkkkkkyyy!

heard quite a few reviews about Antoinette, especially from Ms Ivy Goh, who specializes in scouting for foodie places. hahahahhaa! i got the recommendation from her and decided to try it out. thanks ivy for the recommendation! i love the place! <3

seafood aglio olio

Club Antoinette
Chocolate icecream!

the huge range of sweet treats! plus more on the outside!

 dinner passed really quickly with dork and i catching up with each other, laughing our heads off as usual. though it was a short meet up, candlelight dinner actually, but it was goooooood! teeeeheee!

now, its the end of an awesome off day. 

goodnight alllllllll!