Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates of school life

Hello my dearest readers, Sorry to have abandoned this blog temporarily. I've been soooo caught up with school ever since returning back to school, and becoming a Year 2 student. Im sure all of you will understand :)

School has been really demanding at the moment. I've just finished 6 weeks of housekeeping, yes cleaning rooms of all the students on campus, inclusive of TOILETS. haha. Fortunately, I've completed the ordeal of smelly toilets, and now I'm doing my Front Office practical component.

Apart from the fact that i have heaps of fun doing front office, housekeeping, there's also the boring parts of theory subjects. I have my practical from 8am-4pm, and classes from 4-6pm. On monday, which is a solely theory day, I have class from 8am-830pm... T____T
Besides classes, i was recently given the position of a MSS student, which is a Mentoring Scholarship Student. So basically i have to 'work' in the school's restaurant, mentoring the Year1 students and facilitating them. On top of that, I also have my casual (part time) job at Fairmont Resort, 15min walking distance from the school!
VERY VERY RECENTLY, my Singaporean team (6 of us) are doing a singaporean cultural lunch this coming friday, and we have to start cooking and do the prep today, and tomorrow. being the event organizer is sooooo stressful, especially with so many tasks on hand as well....

Some recent and more happening social events that has happened in my life... :)

The new singaporeans on campus; Firdaus and Tracy!

Dearest felix taaaaaaan!

another new singaporean on campus (4 months old on campus actually); rebecca!

Mr American Korean :)

My recently squired MSS

20th July School party- Super heros and villians

Laurencia and patsy!

partaaaayeeee the BM style!

dearest HK love, zuii  :)
Happy graduation my dear :)


Mr Jono Bridgeford :)

Russian, SG, Aussie. Graduation after party in Sydney
Singapore Cultural Lunch preparation night
made sambal ikan bilis, and the entire nasi lemak dish from scratch ^^

Chef Chye at work!!

My making of the deep fried mars bar and plating it. sucks the shit out of me, nearly turned me insane!

Finally, great success of SG Cultural Lunch! 2 chefs, 4 floor + bar staff. Love y'all !
our wormy faces while doing laundry :D

Chambers dinner date w the boys & girls :)

when all looks ugly, use B&W

That's all folks, i'll be heading back to doing my projects and assignments!
Human Resource Management presentation tomorrow
Ops & Environment Management report + presentation on thursday
Golf and Spa report + presentation next Monday!
Lots of school work to do+ MSS and fairmont work this weekend as well.

Have a greatttt week ahead everyone! see y'all at Alex this thursday! time for a wind down! :D