Term break !

by - September 20, 2012

Hello readers, once again im back from my little hiatus and here to update my little space. As usual, school has been stressful, and work has been tiring. However, guess what, exams are finally over and term break is here!!!!

This time, im not planning to go anywhere during the term break. Last year, i went to Goldcoast during term break, this year im staying in school :) Well, im staying here partly because i have nowhere in mind to go, and i wanna continue working at Fairmont cus its school holidays and i know that i'll get to work heaps. heh heh!

Over the past few days, i've had some really fun and significant events, well besides exams if you count that significant. So, i participate in Accor Cup, representing Fairmont Team (woooooo!). Its an event held annually which features different participating hotels under the Accor hotel chain, coming together to compete in touch football, netball and volleyball. This is Fairmont's first time participating and I feel that all of us did a fantastic job! I reckon we got third (as we did the math ourselves), but they didn't announce 3rd winner. but anyway, we got presented with the "Best Cheer Award"! Everytime our team scores a goal, we will spin around and cheer, and do cartwheels as well. hmmmmmmmm. yeahhhhhh. 
First up, we had a game of netball. Well, we lost our first game by 2 points, but its okay, its just a warm up session. I had this guy that i had to guard, boy was he feisty! Despite me being a girl, he went on to elbow me, push me aside etc. hello mister, its non-contact okay. but that's alright, i like contact sports and i pushed him back anyway. HAHA!
GD position for a change! have always been on the attacking side. haha

Next, we had touch football. The weather was soooo unbearable, i could hardly open my eyes on the field. Unlike netball which I've played before in high school, touch football was something i didn't play really often.Well, i did had my fair share of touch football when organizing camp activities but not playing for long at it. Its a good thing we have an awesome rugby player, Toby, who plays for .... Panthers? or Penrith club? I have no idea. hahahahah!
awkward position i know

After our first round of each, we went back to our 2nd round of netball and touch as well. This time round, we did better than the first, won both of the games (Y)! and lastly, we played volleyball, which was the only game i didn't participate (cus its too painful man). but this game, we scored 67-28. hahahahah best win so far. we just kept serving and the opponent struggled to keep the ball in the air and hit it correctly. Mind you, some or most of the team players  in Accor Cup dont play these sports on a regular basis...


Freddo break time!

super supporters

Fairmont Blue Mountains team :D

After the prize presentation, everyone headed to The Brewery for some post celebration drinks. Its nice of them to give us drink vouchers and organize a buffet for Accor Cup. Needless to say, all of us drankkkk uppppp. Which kinda made the bus driver mad, cus it was a never ending round of "last drinks".. whoops, sorry bus driver.

David, ting and myself

Tom and myself (:
& here comes ting's obsession with fisheye photos.. she forced myself, david and toby to be in her fisheyes.... :B

Yesterday was a bright and nice sunny day and since we got turned away from farimont's induction training (long story....), ting and i decided to take the opportunity to go sunbathing in school! yes, we decked on our bikinis and shorts, and baked ourselves under the sun. good 1.5-2hrs under the sun until it decided to hide. took some cool photos along the way as well. Enjoy :)

love this buddha shot with ting

after 10 tries, we finally got the photo. best one of the day i reckon :)

so, now basically during term break i have nothing to do other than rot in school or go to work at fairmont. im currently working today, and saturday, next mon, tues, fri, sat and sun! oh and O'week in BMIHMS is next wed and thurs, which i'll be helping out in.
time to welcome a new batch of freshman and be their mentor in F&B service.
FYI, school fees just got raised to a whopping $19,700 per term (3months). good luck and study hard everyone, dont fail any subjects! 

On a side note, i just wanna say I REALLY WANNA GO STEREOSONIC 2012!!!! its like a more pumped up version of Zoukout, much more exciting and bigger scale. i really wanna go experience it, its happening on the 24th Nov in Sydney. anyone wanna come with? :D


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